How to Replace the Chain on an Electric Chainsaw

An electric chainsaw is a good tool to use around the house. It can be used to cut down trees and large branches, as well as hacking them into smaller pieces that you will later split using an ax or hatchet. An electric chainsaw requires that you sharpen its chain at least once a year. Otherwise, it may not cut through your target very well and will lose its functionality after a while.

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It is quite challenging and costly to repair the chain of an electric chainsaw. Fortunately, you can replace it in less than 20 minutes.

How to Replace the Chain on an Electric Chainsaw Properly: Step by Step

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Step 1: Prepare the New Chain

An electric chainsaw will stop working while its chain is removed. This means that you must prepare a new chain and make sure it matches the size of your saw. You need to check if it matches the number of drive links on your chain bar. The chain should also be secured tightly by a retainer. You can find a replacement chain in your local hardware store.

Step 2: Disconnect the Power

Before you remove the chain, make sure to disconnect your electric chainsaw from its power source. The power switch should be turned off and its plug must be unplugged from an outlet or extension cord. Ensure that there is no electricity running through your chainsaw.

Step 3: Remove the Saw’s Bar Cover

Open the bar cover of your electric chainsaw, located between the chain and sprocket to expose them. Chain bar covers are typically secured with clips or screws. Unscrew any fasteners that you find on top of the chain bar cover or lift it up if it is held together by a clip.

Step 4: Remove the Old Chain

Hold your electric chainsaw with two hands and rest its handle on the ground. Ensure that you are supporting it firmly so it will not fall down on you as you work on removing its chain. Make sure to hold the motor side of the saw as shown in this tutorial. You can then remove the old chain by pushing it until it comes out near the sprocket. Alternatively, you can also loosen its adjustment screw and use a plier to place tension on the drive link. This will make removing the links of the old chain much easier.

Step 5: Place the Replacement Chain on Your Saw

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You must put the new chain on your electric chainsaw in a way that it matches the old one. You need to make sure the bar is on the same side as before and there is no tension on either end of your replacement chain. Once you have dropped each end of the chain on it, place its drive link next to the sprocket. A new chain may come with a quick link. If you find one, use an adjustable plier and cutters to remove it. Step 6: Reattach the Bar Cover

Now that the new chain is on your electric chainsaw, re-install its bar cover into place and secure any fasteners that secure it. Some covers may need to be held down by a screw. Step 7: Test the Chain

Once you have completely replaced your chain, make sure to test it out on some lumber; this will ensure that you properly installed every part of it. You may tweak its tension if necessary and re-install any parts that might be loose or even fall off during testing.

Step 8: Drill a Hole on the Saw

Drill a hole on your electric chainsaw near its bar. This will be used to attach a lanyard, which you can use to secure the chain cover of your saw in place. The lanyard should be strong enough to hold down the chain’s bar, but not too thick that it prevents you from opening or closing the bar cover of your electric chainsaw.

Step 9: Secure the Bar Cover to the Saw

Secure the chain bar cover of your saw with a lanyard using a screw and a drill bit. You can now use your newly installed chain to cut down trees again.

Valuable Reminder

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Remember that the chain bar have to be on same side as before, do not fix it in any other way or your saw will brake. Also, do not use metal lanyard for this. This process is simple and can be repeated after some time when your chain gets blunt again.

Mentioned above are the steps on how to replace a chain for an electric chainsaw. You can learn more on how to sharpen and maintain your chainsaw by reading the manual that comes with it.

Replacing a chain of an electric chainsaw is very similar to replacing one in a gas-powered model. The only major difference is that you have to be more careful with it. Gas chainsaws are very powerful and can cause a lot of damage if they fall down on a person. Electric chainsaws are generally less dangerous so it has a lower risk of causing bodily harm or injury.

Electric Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

If you want to keep your electric chainsaw in good condition, make sure to sharpen its chain. You can find a tool called sharpener or file at your local hardware store and use it as described in the video above. Ensure that the tiny teeth on your new replacement chain are pointing downward as shown in this tutorial before you secure its bar cover and test it out on some lumber.

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Changing a chain is relatively easy and you can do it in less than 20 minutes without heavy equipment. You should check your chainsaw’s chain every couple of months to ensure that it does not become dull. The bar of your electric chainsaw will also need maintenance.

Use pliers to tighten or loosen the adjustment screw of your chainsaw if necessary. You must drill a hole on the side of your saw for this operation to minimize tampering with its settings. Always keep safety in mind before working on anything, especially with power tools.

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