How to Organise a Garden Shed

Gardening tools and equipment can take up a lot of room in a garden shed. If you have a good system for storing your stuff, it makes every task easier and faster. A disorganized space will just frustrate you. We’ll show you how to keep your outdoor supplies easy to find & neatly organized – without spending money on expensive shed storage or garden organization ideas.

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How to Organise Your Garden Shed

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Step 1: Assess the Shed

Gather all of your garden equipment together, pile it up inside and take a look at what you need to store. Some garden tools (rakes, spades) can be stored pretty much anywhere, but other items (lawnmowers, leaf blowers) might need more specific storage solutions.

Step 2: Plan Some Storage Solutions

Storage for big equipment like lawnmowers and leaf blowers should be secure and accessible. Other tools, like rakes and shovels, need a place that is out of the way and still easy to find when needed. Large items can occupy a lot of floor space so you might need to build up or install some wall storage.

Step 3: Put Your Plan into Action

Now it’s time to put your plan into action! Begin by removing all of the items you’ll be storing from inside the shed and starting to organize them. Work on one section or space at a time, making sure to keep everything well-labelled so you can find it easily when you need it.

Step 4: Revise & Refine

Revise & Refine

Continue to work through your plan, piece by piece, until your shed is fully organized. Give the whole area a thorough clean and reorganization in between each step so you don’t have to clear out everything each time.

Step 5: Make Room for Extras

Before you re-pack your shed, make sure it’s still the right size! If you’ve been using a lot of storage space or have added new equipment, consider whether you need to upgrade or increase the size of your shed. Keep in mind that some tools will come with specific storage instructions so be sure to follow these for maximum benefits.

Step 6: Maintain & Improve

The whole point of all this organizing and planning is that you should actually end up using your shed more often — and feel good while doing it! Once everything’s in the right place, keep everything tidy and don’t let it get cluttered again so you can get the most from your new storage space.

Add open shelving

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Adding shelves to your wall may free up room on your floor. To make robust shelving, cut plywood to its base. Make deeper shelves or install shelves from floor to ceiling to store other components. For under $60, Ginger built freestanding shelves for their garage! For around $60, they may make wood floor-to-ceiling shelf systems to supply storage for our garage shelving. Make the space appear larger.

Hang Hose and Cord Organizers

Hook shelves or PVC pipes in your hose lines for extra organization. Hose hooks, which cost around $6-7 each in your local hardware store, are a good way to keep things tidy. When you secure the hook to the wall of your garden shed, it’s easy to attach it. Make sure the hook is properly fastened and attached.

Keep the inside and outside of your garden shed clean

To prevent rust, corrosion, and other forms of dirt from accumulating in your shed, you should clean it at least once a month. The ideal moment to clean is during the warmer months or when it’s hot outside. Clean your shed using a pressure washer to remove any remaining debris or clutter.

Remove any plastic, aluminum, or other shiny materials from the home before scrubbing it down with a brush and warm soapy water. Cleaning your shed will prevent deterioration in the materials you use to construct your garden shed. Sweep and clean the ground floor as well as any platforms and tables you put inside your shed. Sweeping the floor.

Cleaning all table, platform, and platform surfaces utilized on your shed’s floor. Clean under furniture legs etc.

Add floating shelves

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Floating containers are ideal for keeping plants, cleaners, tools, and other items. Because they clear clutter from the floor, floating shelves may be a wonderful approach to make your shed appear larger. Make the most of all available wall space in your shed with simple to install floating shelves. A floating shelf provides additional storage.

Add ventilation using chicken wire

The roof of the glassless sheds is made of radiant-heated concrete, which reflects light while also reflecting heat. The inner walls are superheated, and windows are anti-reflective. To keep animals out, add vents and seal them with chicken wire. During hot seasons, leave the shed doors open when you’re working. Keep in mind that a window shed does not have to be airtight in order for cool air to flow through it. If paints or oils get too hot, they can be harmful to people.

Keep frequently used items accessible

The canvas tool storage includes a plethora of tiny containers for transporting tools in your yard. It provides a foundation to get rid of the wild buddle. The compact canvas tool storage takes up little room and is simple to get out and start gardening. It’s also a comfortable seat that gets rid of useless weeds while simultaneously maintaining your garden.

Choose Wire Shelving

Wire shelf lighting aids in the visibility of items, making it easier and more pleasant to find things in places with little natural illumination. Water resistance is superior in wire racks than wooden ones. If the rack is outside, there will be some water in it. A wire shelving box is sturdier than a wooden one.

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The primary objective of cleanliness is to ensure that your garden shed appears more spacious and tidy. The floor, platform surfaces (if there are any), and table surfaces should be cleaned each time you work on your home. To make the most of your storage space, introduce shelves or install hooks for storing tools and other items. If you want to ensure that your garden shed air is protected from the elements, add ventilation and secure it with chicken wire. If you want to keep items organized and easy to access, pick out a set of small containers and store them on a wire rack.

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