How to Use a Scroll Saw

A scroll saw is a very useful tool for any woodworker, but it does require some skill to use. For instance, you must learn how to make sharp cuts and you must also know the best way to cut around tight corners. Of course, there are many benefits of using a scroll saw . You can create all kinds differently shaped designs and you can also use a scroll saw to make furniture.

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How to Use a Scroll Saw: Step by Step Instructions

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The following steps will guide you through how to use scroll saws. The last step also contains advice on the best way to complete certain projects so keep reading until the end of this article.

1. Prepare Your Scroll Saw

Make sure that you know exactly where to place the material as well as the blade and ensure that they can’t move while you work. If it is necessary, put clamps on both sides of the wood so it won’t move. You should also make sure that your scroll saw has a backstop so you won’t accidentally cut it.

2. Choose Your Blade

The right blade should be chosen depending on the kind of wood you are using and the size of the shape that you need to cut out. If it is a big wood, choose a thick blade because it will be stronger than if it is smaller.

Also, the teeth are different on blades so it’s important to look at them before you make your purchase.

3. Clean Your Scroll Saw

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It is necessary to clean your scroll saw once you are done because it will be easier to use next time and you won’t have any problems with wood shavings getting stuck inside.

4. Turn On Your Scroll Saw and Make Some Cuts

When the scroll saw starts, it is important to hold on to the wood firmly because if you let it move then it will be more difficult for you and you will also get bad cuts. Even though a little pressure needs to be applied, don’t press down on the wood too hard because you might end up breaking the blade.

5. Turn Off Your Scroll Saw and Clean It Again

When you’re done, turn off your scroll saw and clean it again to ensure that there won’t be any problems with using this saw next time. By following these steps, you should have no problems using a scroll saw and you’ll also see that there is a lot of creativity which can be achieved by this tool.

How a scroll saw works

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A reciprocating and thin blade is inserted into the piece you are working on via a blade scroll. The arm is pined to the top of the table, with the blade connected to its bottom. The motor can deliver up to 1.5 amps. There are more than ten amp numbers on this page, although they are unusual.

Because of their complex designs, scroll saws are intended to provide form and shape. As a result, the saw itself must have a distinct design. The style of a scroll saw differs from other saws on the market. It’s not simple to construct because it’s used for creating shapes and patterns.

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Types of scroll saw blades

The blade you’ll need is determined by the project you’re constructing, the thickness of the materials you’ll be utilizing, and the complexity of your design or pattern. If your design is complicated, make sure you go with a knife with a smaller blade that will fit properly in tight places.

The thicker or harder the hardwood you use, the larger the blade you’ll need. There are two sorts of blades to utilize on a scroll saw: tiny blades and small blades. To make it simpler to discover something that is most soothing for you, experiment with numerous different blades.

What you can make with a scroll saw

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Scroll saws are a highly versatile dovetail joint, inlay, and intarsia knife. A scroll saw can be used to create decorations, toys, and jigsaw puzzles. The tiny blade allows you to spin in tight angles and cut curves. You must know what cuts and patterns can be produced with a scroll saw.

Fine and precise cuts are easier to make with a scroll saw, making it more suitable for detailed work.

Tips and Tricks

Now that you know how to use scroll saws, you should also use these helpful tricks.

  • When cutting through the corner of hardwood, make sure your blade is perpendicular to the wood.
  • If there are tiny pieces in your project, don’t push them away with the blade while it’s moving forward or back because this can break your blade.
  • If you can’t find the right angles, use a protractor to make straight cuts. A protractor is an adjustable tool used to measure angles of all kinds.
  • Be sure to use lubricant when drilling tight spots or hardwood because it will help you get through the wood more easily.
  • It’s best to dry your blade with a cloth after you finish using it.
  • Dust isn’t just an inconvenience; the sawdust pile can accumulate and eventually interfere with the movement of the blade. A dust mask can help at this point, but be sure to protect yourself so you don’t have any accidents.
  • When making extremely fine cuts, slow down your blade speed.
  • Don’t force the saw through the wood because this could cause damage. Another reason to slow down is it gives you more control over the material.
  • If you’re looking for patterns online, be sure to check out this website by scrolling up and clicking on links.


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In the end, you should find a scroll saw very beneficial. There’s nothing wrong with your project if it doesn’t come out perfect the first time around because you can always make changes to ensure that you have something that reflects your personal style and preferences.

If you use these steps, learn from them, and experiment with different blades, then you’ll be a pro in no time. Good luck!

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