How to Use Steam Iron

Steam irons are electric appliances used to press fabrics. The steam iron is made up of a very hot metal plate and an insulated handle. You will need to know how to use steam iron in order for it not to cause any damage on your clothes or the steam iron itself. Read on to know how to use steam iron properly.

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Steam Iron Safety Tips

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Here are some safety tips in using a steam iron:

1. Always make sure that the cord and plug of your steam iron are not wet or damp before you plugged it in. Make sure also that the socket where you will be plugging it does not have water as it can also cause a short circuit.

2. Always unplug the steam iron when you leave the room or after using it to prevent possible accidents such as touching the hot plate. It is best that you keep children and pets away from the appliance when in use to avoid unwanted accidents.

3. Know the right temperature setting for your clothes. Read the tags on the garments you will be ironing to know how warm or hot the fabric can withstand.

4. When using a steam iron, have a clear space free from anything that may catch fire such as papers and drapes.

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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to a use a steam iron:

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Step 1: Placing the Garment

Place your garment on an ironing surface. You may hang it or keep it on a table depending on what you find comfortable and convenient. Ensure that the fabric for the garment is not folded as it may leave creases.

Step 2: Filling Water in the Steam Iron

To fill water in a steam iron, lift the lid on top of the reservoir and fill with distilled or demineralized water. Do not add tap water as it may clog your appliance due to mineral deposits. Close the lid tightly when done with your water filling.

Step 3: Selecting the Setting

Make sure to set the heat setting on the garment you are ironing. To know if your garment needs a high or low heat, read the label or tag inside it to see what temperature you should use for it. Most fabrics can withstand low settings but still, some are really exceptional. The same goes for the high setting, there are fabrics that can withstand higher temperatures than others.

Step 4: Ironing

Hold your steam iron by the handle and set the bottom plate on the left side of your garment. Move slowly along with the flow of fabric or line while pressing it lightly against the surface of your garment. After covering the surface of the fabric, turn the garment over and repeat step 3 for this side.

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You can also iron your garments with their hangers still on to keep them in shape. Be sure that they are not blocking the steam holes underneath as you iron to avoid getting damp clothes.

Step 5: Unplugging and Cleaning the Steam Iron

When you finish ironing your garment, unplug or un-plunge your steam iron to empty out excess water. Always empty the reservoir until no more water comes out to avoid spillage and damage to your garments and surroundings. Wash and wipe down the plate and handle of your steam iron. Allow it to dry and use it again the next time you iron your clothes.

Steam irons can be very much versatile as they can also be used for removing wrinkles from curtains, upholstery, and other fabrics. You can also remove creases from linen napkins or table cloths with a steam iron.

Step 6: Caution

Never iron any damaged or torn fabrics to avoid accidents and damages to your garments and steam iron. Make sure that the fabric has not been previously washed or dyed as well. Always read and follow the guidelines in your manual when it comes to how you should use a steam iron for optimum performance.

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Steam Iron FAQs

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Are Steam Iron budget friendly?

Steam irons are budget friendly as they can help you remove wrinkles from clothes, drapes and even linens. It is a go-to option for those who have not mastered the art of ironing or those who do not want to spend more money hiring a dry cleaner.

Can I use Steam Iron on silk?

Yes, steam irons can be used to smooth and remove wrinkles from silk. However, you must set the heat and pressure depending on the type of silk fabric in use. If in doubt, it is best to check with a professional or your manufacturer’s manual before ironing any silk garments.

Can I use Steam Iron on wool?

Wool clothes can be ironed with a steam iron but the heat setting must depend on the type of wool clothes you are ironing. As advised above, make sure to check your manufacturer’s manual for specific guidelines for your steam iron before using it.

Are Steam Iron better than a dry iron?

Steam irons work like dry irons but they can get rid of wrinkles faster and easier. The heat from the steam iron penetrates the fabric faster that a dry iron, hence its ability to remove wrinkles faster.

Why should I use distilled water?

Distilled or demineralized water is best to use in steam irons as it can be used longer than tap water. Tap water contains minerals that may clog the appliance over time. This may also cause damage to your clothes and garments so it is advised not to use tap water for steaming.

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Using a steam iron can help you get rid of wrinkles faster and easier. It is also budget friendly as it can be used for other fabrics like silk and wool clothes. Make sure to check your manufacturer’s manual for specific guidelines when using a steam iron. You may also consult a professional or contact the manufacturer for specific guidelines before using your steam iron.

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