How to Use a Handheld Steam Cleaner

A handheld steam cleaner, or a steam mop as some people call it, is made up of a boiler system and the device itself. The boiler heats up the water inside, and produces steam to clean floors and other items. Some use this tool for really tough stains on various surfaces such as grout, glass, tile etc., but it really is very useful for cleaning most surfaces.

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How to Use Handheld Steam Cleaner: Step by Step

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Step 1.

Prepare your steam cleaner by attaching the water tank, or whatever container you have put in it before. Make sure that this is filled with tap water. The amount of water depends on how long you would like for the steam to last and how dirty the surface is. Most handheld steam cleaners use a jug-shaped container so they are more portable.

Step 2.

Plug in your handheld steam cleaner and wait for it to heat up. How long this takes depends on the model of the steam cleaner, but usually it takes between three to five minutes before steam starts being produced. The water boils inside the boiler system at a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius/400 degrees Fahrenheit(depending on the model) so this is why you have to wait until it gets hot enough before using.

Step 3.

You can then use your handheld machine by attaching a cleaning tool, or leave it without one for general floor cleaning. If you are using a carpet cleaner, however, attach that first before plugging it in because some require pre-treatment before you can remove the stains.

Step 4.

Now that your steam cleaner is plugged in and turned on, use it over the area to be cleaned. Make sure the surface stays wet by using slow down/up movements; many people make the mistake of moving too fast which does not give enough time for the dirt particles to become moist enough for cleaning.

Step 5.

Finish up by rinsing your cleaning tool with clean water after you have used it to remove the dirt particles on the surface of an object. There are some tools that you can detach from the steam cleaner itself, so just rinse those or use a wet cloth to wipe them down.

Step 6.

Unplug your handheld steam cleaner once you are done using it because there is no need to leave it plugged in while not in use. Also, the water inside the boiler (if this hasn’t already dried out) will continue boiling and produce more steam which may be dangerous…

Step 7.

Clean the container for holding the water by removing any dirt particles using soapy water. Rinse with clean water, and dry your container before storing it away for the next use.

How do steam cleaners work?

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Today’s steam cleaners come with at least one nozzle or attachment, which can be as little as a single nozzle to a tiny cleaning brush. The heat destroys germs and mold particles while the steam passes down the turbine end, releasing dirt vapor into the environment.

The majority of steam cleaners are made to evaporate moisture from your system rapidly in even the coldest settings. They also have adequate heat capacity to wipe out swine flu. Goodbye dirty stains and epidemic flu. Bed bugs and stains will fall by the wayside as well. Soil and dirt are killed by the combination.

Are handheld steam cleaners good?

To properly address your needs in a professional manner without going overboard, consider purchasing a handheld steam cleaner. The Best portable steam cleaners have an adjustable temperature control for softening the heat, but they save them if you want to utilize different settings.

If you employ a portable steam cleaner to clean things in an expert manner, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the results. If you use too much strength, it’s possible that the surfaces would be damaged, and residue would remain in your cleaning process. Don’t go overboard when using this equipment.

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Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners are very useful in homes because they can be used on almost any surface, including carpets, upholstery and hardwood floors. They do this by killing germs, picking up dust particles and humidifying the environment with the steam it produces. So not only is your home cleaner, but it will also smell fresher!

Steam cleaners are completely safe to use around children and pets because they do not expose you to chemicals. Using a steam cleaner can also be much more effective than conventional cleaning methods, particularly in the bathroom where damp environments provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

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Risks of Steam Cleaning

The downside of using steam cleaners is that they can clog up if you use them too frequently. However, this is a good problem to have because it means that the system is so effective at cleaning that it’s using all the water very quickly.

Other than keeping your steam cleaner clean and regularly replacing filters or other disposable parts, there are no risks of using these appliances. The only other real risk is of injury if you are too heavy handed with the device.

Is it safe to clean with steam?

Steam cleaners only produce warm steam and no chemicals, so if you do not use too much water, these devices will not leave chemical residue on your floors. This is why they are safer than other cleaning methods that may release harsh chemicals into the air of your home. Additionally, many handheld steam cleaners have a filter to catch dirt particles so they do not recirculate dust back into the air.

Do Handheld Steam Cleaners Really Work?

They do not always clean as efficiently as regular handheld vacuum cleaners; however, they are still very useful. They work well on many surfaces because they can remove dirt and dust more effectively than conventional dry vacuuming. You should keep in mind that steam cleaners may only be the best option for some surfaces.


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Steam cleaners are a great home cleaning device because they are very safe, produce no harsh chemicals and remove dirt efficiently. You should take into account that steam cleaners may not be the best option for all surfaces, but they are certainly worth buying. Handheld steam cleaners might just change your life when it comes to cleaning!

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