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Surreal Home was created in order to help support the growing number of people who are spending more time at home.

We provide everything you need to know to about making your home an oasis of relaxation and productivity – from the garden to the kitchen and home office

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Meet The Founders

Chris Parker

My name is Chris and I was a digital nomad for 6 years of my life. However, there comes a time when every digital nomad has to hang up their carry-on backpack and settle down. In doing so, I uncovered that I had a passion for designing homes and building out amazing spaces. So I founded Surreal Home together with my lovely wife Annabelle.  

chris parker with baby

My name is Annabelle and I am smitten with interior design and how to turn a house into a home. Chris, my husband and the technical guru at Surreal Home calls it “nesting”, but I call it my passion. After a career in marketing for a few multinational brands, I’ve finally allowed the nesting instinct to completely take over and co-founded Surreal Home. I love every minute of it! Testing new kitchen gadgets,  researching the best garden tools, finding the best home accessories and writing about it is truly a dream come true. Thank you for joining us, now let us make your home suREAL!

Annabelle Parker

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