How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Blade with an Electric Sharpener: Keeping Your Blades Sharp

Many home owners want to save money. They tend to buy tools that can be used by DIY enthusiasts to save on labor costs. One of the most expensive items that home owners buy is a chainsaw. It requires regular maintenance like sharpening the blades would help you get optimum performance from your chainsaw. While you can use an electric sharpener to sharpen your saw, it is advisable to take it to a professional. The process of sharpening the chainsaw yourself would take some time and skill.

electric chainsaw sharpener

What is an electric sharpener?

chainsaw sharpener

For cutting in an old chainsaw, you’ll need an electric sharpening tool. There are two basic sorts of sharpening equipment available for electrical sharpeners. Before utilizing stationary Sharpening products, they must be mounted and configured.

The blade teeth will peel deeper with each pass of the handheld sharpening machine. The stationary electric sharpening tool is the most accurate option if you want to stay true to detail. If you use an electric sharpener, it must be plugged in. They’re faster and more efficient than other chainsaw sharpeners, and they need power to function. When the device is powered, some sharp edges spin and others run on battery.

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How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Blade with an Electric Sharpener

Are you wondering how to sharpen a chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener? The following are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1

Turn on your device and set it to the standard mode for cutting.

Step 2

Make sure your saw is turned off before setting any controls or switches of your sharpening machine.

Step 3

Put your chainsaw on a flat surface that can support the weight of the chainsaw with one hand.

Step 4

With the other hand, slowly rotate your blade with two fingers to ensure that you’re using ample pressure.

electric chainsaw sharpeners

Step 5

You will notice scallops or sharp points where your cutter rests against the metal strip after every few rotations. Stop at this point and you’re ready to sharpen your chainsaw blade.

Step 6

Switch off your chainsaw sharpening machine so that you can remove the chain for easy access to the cutting edges of the blades.

Step 7

Use an electric saw file, and begin to file the sharp teeth by scraping from the inside of the cutting edge of the cutter.

Step 8

Take your time and maintain a straight angle as you work on each side, then check your progress every few seconds until all surfaces of the cutters are sharpened.

Step 9

Put some WD40 lubricant on a cloth and wipe it on all round surfaces of your chainsaw blade.

chainsaw blade

Step 10

Use a new oiling strip and slip it onto the guide bar by aligning one end of the oil strip with where the groove of your saw ends.

Step 11

Once you’ve done this, put on some safety goggles and check that there is no obstruction in the safety gear before you start your chainsaw.

Step 12

Turn on the chainsaw and get to work cutting wood.

Important Tips When Using an Electric Sharpener

electric sharpeners

A slack chain makes it difficult to sharpen a tooth and can affect sharpening accuracy. Do not use sharpeners in a wet environment. This causes potential shock. Make one finger swipe for each tooth if it needs sharpening. Uneven strokes lead to one side bending. This reduces the effectiveness of the blade when cutting. Make sure you thoroughly clean the blade before using this tool for a smooth job. After sharpen, wipe your sword away from grease dust and chips. Clean the knife and empty the dirt from the blade.

Additional Tips:

If you don’t have a chainsaw sharpening machine, you can use a file and take your time.

You can also try the C-Clamp method which is not very costly and easy to do in comparison to other methods.

To be safe, read the instructions manual that comes with your electric sharpener.

Are there any alternatives to an electric sharpener?

There are other kinds of chainsaw sharpeners that can be considered as effective ways of sharpening a blade from an old saw, but these require more skill and time compared to using an electric sharpener.

The first type of sharpening tool is a chainsaw file. This tool is compatible with a drill and can be used to sharpen your saw blade. It requires more time and patience so beginners may want to try using an electric sharpener. Another alternative is the Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Kit, which is fast and produces exceptional results.

Why do you need to keep your blade sharp?

blade tooth angle

Sharp blades are better cutting instruments that can help you get your job done faster. After all, it is not easy to cut wood with a dull tool. Sharp blades cut more easily because they have smaller teeth and sharper tips. This reduces the time it takes to get the same output when cutting with a dull blade.

It is important to sharpen your chainsaw when you notice that it’s taking longer to cut firewood, tree limbs, or lumber. Dull blades are more likely to be dangerous because they cause kickbacks when they get stuck in wood. In addition, this can cause the user to lose control of the saw as the wood is forced back the wrong way.

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When should I use a chain saw sharpener?

When your chain saw begins producing woodchipping instead of ripping a solid item, it will tell you that the hammer cutter’s sharp edge has worn down. If the blade pulls in one direction, it means that both surfaces of the tooth are dull. To even out the wood and produce uniform cutting, you’ll have to sharpen both sides of the blade. When cutting, make sure the blade’s edge is smooth. If you’re applying too much force to reduce it, it means it’s time for a sharpen. It’s time to sharpen if the blade is too thin.


sharpening process

A chainsaw sharpener is an economical way of making your cutters sharp. Plus, you can use it to sharpen different saws in the comfort of your home. Sharpening makes it easier for you to cut wood in a short time.

To get optimum performance from your tool, keep the blade sharp at all times.

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