How to Change a Circular Saw Blade: An Easy Guide for Everyone

You’ve recently gotten into carpentry, and you want to know how to change a circular saw blade. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here I will tell you the exact steps to changing a saw blade and even teach you how to know when to change the blade. I’ll also tell you a bit about my favorite saw blades.

How to Change a Circular Saw Blade

If you’ve never changed a saw blade before, it may seem like a complex task. But don’t worry — it’s something anyone can do.

Here’s how to change a circular saw blade: an easy guide for everyone.

How to Change a Circular Saw Blade

Perhaps one of the neatest benefits of using a circular saw is that, when it comes time to change the blade, the process is quick and straightforward. You will only require a new saw blade and a wrench. Follow these five easy steps, and you’ll be able to get back to cutting in no time.

Step 1: Safety First

Safety First

Before doing anything with your saw, be sure to unplug it or remove the battery. Never try to change the blade on a saw that is not entirely powered off.

Step 2: Lock the Blade

lock the blade

Most blades have what is referred to as a spindle lock or arbor lock. This is a button usually found at the top of the housing behind the blade.

To stop the blade from rotating while you are unscrewing the bolt, simply press it in. If your saw does not have a lock feature, press the blade teeth against a piece of wood to stop it from rotating.

Step 3: Remove the Bolt

Remove the Bolt

Once the blade is locked, unscrew the center bolt. Some saws come with a special wrench while others may use an Allan key.

Step 4: Switch the Blades

Switch the Blades

To remove the old saw blade, pull back the blade guard and slide the old blade off. To put the new blade on, hold back the blade guard and slide it on.

Make sure the teeth are facing the correct way. You can do this based on how the previous saw blade was facing or follow the arrow on the blade guard.

Step 5: Reattach the Bolt

Reattach the Bolt

With the new blade in place, screw the bolt back in place. Be careful not to over-tighten.

For Visual Learners

If you work best with visual instructions or don’t know what all the parts of a saw are called, you may find this video helpful.

When to Change the Blade

The easiest way to tell when a saw blade needs to be changed is to feel for it. If the saw is struggling to get through the wood or feels unstable like it’s catching, then it’s time to change out the blade.

Another way to tell is to listen. If the motor sounds louder than usual, like it’s struggling, it may be time for a new blade. If the saw blade is burning the wood, it is unquestionably time for a new saw blade.

New Saw Blades

If you are looking to buy a new circular saw blade, here are some premium options:

1. Diablo 7¼” 60-Tooth Blade

Freud D0760A Diablo 7-1/4' x 60-Tooth Ultra Fine Finishing Circular Saw Blade with 5/8' Arbor and Diamond Knockout Single Blade

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Diablo is a super reliable, high-quality blade that works well with any saw. It has a diamond arbor knockout and is excellent at making clean cuts through any type of wood without causing chipping.

2. Mido 12” 96-Tooth Blade

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No products found.

Mido is known for its top-quality saw blades. This one is specially honed with tungsten carbide to reduce noise and vibrations. It cuts smoothly through all types of wood.

3. Marathon 7¼” 24-Tooth Blade

IRWIN Tools MARATHON Carbide Corded Circular Saw Blade, 7 1/4-inch, 24T (24030)

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Marathon’s durable saw blade is made of silicone-coated carbide, making it ideal for cutting pressure-treated lumber without causing pitch or resin build-up. It also has venting to prevent overheating and vibrations.

You can also visit our Best Circular Saw UK here if you’re looking for the best in the market.

Wrapping Up

Changing a saw blade is a simple task that anyone can do. It’s as easy as unscrewing one bolt and then screwing it back on once the new blade is in place. Just be sure to unplug your saw or remove the battery before doing anything with the blade.

If you found this guide helpful or still have more questions, be sure to leave a comment and check out our recommended blades.

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