The 10 Best Circular Saws in the UK 2024

Your workshop isn’t complete yet if you don’t have a circular saw in your toolkit. Circular saws are essential tools in any joinery, manufacturing or engineering project, whether professional or DIY. However, the big question is, do you have the best circular saw suited for your needs?

Best Circular Saw UK

The best circular saws such as the Makita HS7601J 190 mm Circular Saw make things a lot easier in the workshop because you will spend significantly less time and money to complete your projects.

You could be already out there trying to source the best circular saw but you are having it rough because of the wide range of choices in the market. In this guide, you will learn about 10 of the best circular saws in the UK to help you figure out what may work best for you.

Here are the best circular saws reviewed at a glance:

  1. Makita HS7601J 190 mm Circular Saw
  2. Bosch Professional GKS 190 Corded 240 V Circular Saw
  3. WORX WX423 85 mm 400W Circular Saw
  4. DeWalt 240V 184mm 65mm Compact Circular Saw in Kitbox
  5. DEWALT DCS391N-XJ XR 165 mm Circular Saw-Bare Unit, 9W, 18V
  6. TACKLIFE 4700RPM 1500W Electric Saw
  7. Evolution Power Tools R185CCS Multi-Material Circular Saw
  8. Ryobi RWSL1801M Circular Saw
  9. Bosch Cordless Circular Saw PKS 18 LI
  10. Makita DHS680Z Brushless 18 V Li-ion Bare Unit

The Best Circular Saw UK Review

Makita HS7601J 190 mm Blade Saw

Dripex Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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Best Overall
Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Lightweight and handy design weighing only 4kg
  • Features a rear angular guide for adjusting the bevel angle
  • 5200RPM high-performance motor
  • It has an ergonomic handle

What stands out?

The Makita HS7601J 190mm circular saw is designed to deliver top-quality performance and convenience because it is not only lightweight but also relatively easy to use.

The packaging comes in a solid MakPac carry case, which means that you can carry it virtually anywhere to get things done. You don’t even happy to worry about knocks and bumps destroying your circular saw because it features double insulation.

The circular saw itself packs some pretty convenient features, including a dust exhaust port at the rear. There are also guide railings to make sure that you get the perfect cut. Since it has high performing 5200 RPM motor, you probably find it quite easy to speed through even the most challenging tasks. However, be careful when you plug your corded circular saw using the single-action lever.

Bosch Professional GKS 190 Corded 240 V Circular Saw

Dripex Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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Best Heavy Duty
Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • Features a wood chip deflector and dust extraction
  • Comes with a 1400W high-power motor
  • Fantastic option for cutting through hard and softwood
  • Includes a 16 tooth TCT blade

What stands out?

Bosch is a renowned appliances brand worldwide and this corded circular saw is no exception. This heavy-duty circular saw is designed to offer incredible performance, especially because of the ergonomic handle. Also, the 1400W motor is one of the best power motors for a circular saw of its calibre.

If you are in the market shopping for a highly versatile and powerful circular saw in the UK, this is a good place to start. At outstanding aspect about this circular saw is the 16 tooth TCT blade, which can angle up to 56 degrees. That is why you can easily and smoothly cut through materials, even hardwood.

If you want to get greater cut depth, you only need to adjust the bevel and saw blade depth of your cuts. However, it would be best to use it for heavy-duty jobs.

WORX WX423 85 mm 400W Circular Saw

Dripex Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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Best Compact
Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • Single speed circular saw
  • 85mm saw blade diameter
  • Features a 400W motor
  • Good for cutting through plastic, plasterboard, metal and wood

What stands out?

What makes this product stand out from the rest is the compact size. This smaller-sized circular saw is an ideal pick in terms of ease of use and convenience. Therefore, you can easily depth cut materials even in the most awkward spaces.

Also, despite its small size, it packs some first-rate functions, which means that it doesn’t slack on performance and power. Also, the design and the 85mm blade diameter even makes it actively compete with other larger models in the UK market.

Furthermore, it is quite practical for one-handed operation when handling smaller tasks. You can also perform straightforward depth of cut adjustments. Since it features a cut depth guide, you can achieve precise cuts.

DeWalt 240V 184mm 65mm Compact Circular Saw in Kitbox

Dripex Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Efficient dust removal
  • Clear visibility of your cutting line
  • Compact and lightweight yet powerful

What stands out?

DeWalt is a trusted brand by professionals, which is why this model features in this roundup. Weighing only 3.7kg, the circular saw is pretty compact and lightweight but still manages to feel robust.

Furthermore, the size shouldn’t fool you. It’s quite small but delivers incredible blade power, capable of generating a 5500 RPM no-load speed. Therefore, you can depth cut through materials smoothly and producing significantly less noise even with the load speed.

The blade depth adjustment level is nice positioned and you can easily adjust the saw’s base plate because of the neat angle locks. When you use this circular saw, you can achieve depths of up 65 mm at 90 degrees. And up to 42 mm at 45 degrees.

DeWalt DCS391N-XJ XR 165 mm Circular Saw-Bare Unit, 9W, 18V

Dripex Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Includes a lock switch and cutting guide for safety
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • It has a magnesium base and high-quality saw
  • Features a lithium-ion battery for cordless performance

What stands out?

This is an ideal cordless circular saw that can offer you a great deal of freedom to work from anywhere. This is all thanks to the powerful and next-generation XR lithium-ion battery. The battery can give you extended service life on a single charge.

Moreover, it features an ergonomic design, which includes a rubber mould on the handle to make sure your hands stay comfortable as you work. Because of the magnesium base, you will get more focused and accurate cuts.

We liked the fact that it comes with a spindle lock to ensure that you easily and quickly change the blade as you work. However, it is not the best power tool to cut through thick or hard wood.

TACKLIFE 4700RPM 1500W Electric Saw

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No products found.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • Includes dust extraction
  • Comes with 2 extra blades
  • Features high-power 1500W, 4700 RPM motor
  • Inbuilt laser guide for professional and DIY cuts

What stands out?

This is one of those reliable circular saws you can get at an very inexpensive prices. Therefore, if you are on a budget but you also don’t want to compromise on quality and performance, the TACKLIFE PES01A could be the best budget circular saw.

The budget circular saw comes with an impressive blade capable of cutting through tile, metal, plastic and wood. Also, it includes a cutting blade depth level and an adjustable bevel to allow you to accurately cut your material.

With the inbuilt laser guide, you can deliver straight and fine cuts. Furthermore, the package comes with two extra blades to enable you cut different materials.

Evolution Power Tools R185CCS Multi-Material Circular Saw

Dripex Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • Features a powerful hi-torque 1600W motor
  • Portable, lightweight and robust design
  • Adjustable maximum cutting depth
  • It has an optimised gearbox and blade system

What stands out?

The Evolution R185CCS is also among the best circular saws in the UK, especially because of the ‘Multi-material’ patent. This means that it’s able to cut through different types of materials like plastic, wood and PVC with ease. It is also easy to cut through non-ferrous ones like mild steel, aluminium and copper.

The compact circular saw has a sturdy design and a hi-torque, high performance 1600 W motor and an optimised gearbox. At 90 degrees, it can deliver a maximum cutting depth of 60 inches while delivering 60 mm at 45 degrees.

The tilt adjusters and the depth lever are quite easy to use. Also, the saw blade guard does not obstruct your cutting line of sight, which is also enabled by an efficient extraction process of dust because of the blade guard through the dust extraction port.

Ryobi RWSL1801M Circular Saw

Dripex Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • Supports interchangeable battery
  • Delivers accurate, clean cuts
  • Versatile, powerful and robust
  • Higher precision and quality cutting

What stands out?

Yet another impressive in the best cordless circular saw category in this roundup, featuring a powerful 18V lithium-ion battery. The RWSL1801M is the best mini circular saw but it still among the most versatile circular saws in the UK market.

Weighing only 2.5kg, you can easily carry it around. However, when you put in the battery, the weight increases to 3.3kg. It can deliver top-notch cuts for a wide range of jobs because of the ultra-thin blades. With the 4700 RPM motor, the blades deliver fine and clean cuts, while generating less friction and heat, thus, producing less waste material.

Bosch Cordless Circular Saw PKS 18 LI

Dripex Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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  • Easily adjustable depth of cut
  • Clean working because of the vacuum cleaner adapter
  • Ideal for cutting squared timber and laminate

What stands out?

This Bosch cordless circular saw is ideal for simple and uncomplicated tasks, especially DIY projects. Therefore, it is among the best cordless circular saws in the market, which makes it ideal for cutting through squared timber, laminate or baseboards. Also, you can use it to cut roofing sheet materials or minor interior construction.

Because of the precise cutting depth, you can achieve accurate results while using this circular saw. Furthermore, exchanging the circular saw blades is made easier with the spindle lock feature. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning because of the integrated cleaner adapter.

You don’t have to worry about your safety because there is safety switch installed that you can operate with its operable switch-on lock.

Makita DHS680Z Brushless 18 V Li-ion Bare Unit

Dripex Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Includes a guide rule
  • Features current limiter and electric brake
  • Impressive 5000 RPM cordless motor performance
  • Comes with a blower function

What stands out?

Powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery, the DHS680Z is an ideal choice in terms of user confidence and accuracy.

Delivering an impressive 5000 RPM of power without a cord, the circular saw is something else entirely. Furthermore, it features a large base plate, which provides enough surface for a more accurate and stable cut.

Also, the automatic inbuilt speed control is great for changing the motor speed, depending on the complexity of your project. The current limiter and electric brake are a plus in preventing any issues from arising due to overload currents.

Buying Guide

What to Consider when Buying

Although there are several things you can consider while shopping for the best circular saw, the following are the major ones:


Power is one of the best things to consider when out shopping for a circular saw, even though it isn’t the only thing. Inasmuch as it is capable of delivering 6200 RPMs, you will need to consider the type of work you need to do first.

The RPM is essentially how fast the wheel spins in a minute. Therefore, if you want a saw that can cut through tougher materials like steel and hardwood, it is wise to go for higher, well-balanced RPMs and vice versa. Also, be sure to read many different circular saw reviews to gain more insights.


The heavier your saw is, the cumbersome it will be to handle. Therefore, it will be tedious to complete even the smallest of tasks or reaching awkward positions. However, the nature of your jobs will decide how compact and lightweight your circular saw will be.


You should buy a saw that feels comfortable in your hands while working. You don’t want getting tired as soon as you start working.

Since you are going to be working for longer hours, it would be wise to buy a very comfortable circular saw. For instance, if you buy a saw with a sidewinder, you may have to put in more effort


Although you may pick a higher RPM saw for tougher tasks, picking the wrong blade will only slow you down. The results you will receive when cutting materials also depend on the blade quality you use. Some saws come with all-purpose blades that could handle regular jobs, while you can also invest in added blades for precise cuts.

For instance, if you want to deliver cuts through thicker materials, you may have to buy stronger and thicker thighs and vice versa.

Cutting Quality

You should carefully assess your saw’s cutting quality. The cutting quality will decide the cutting depth and how precise or clean your cuts will be. Also, consider how easy it is for you to change your blades or how long it will take to adjust your saw’s blade depth or how you angle your cuts.

The cutting quality will play an instrumental role in contributing to your saw’s ease of use and convenience.


Which Circular Saw Should You Buy?

There are many different types of saws in the market. Each of them has its price, power, cutting depth or quality. The nature of your job should guide you choose your circular saw. However, keep in mind that the higher the wattage, the more the cutting power.

How Do Circular Saws Work?

A circular saw is essentially a power saw utilising an abrasive or toothed disc using rotary motion to deliver cuts on any material.

Can I use a bigger blade on my circular saw?

Yes. You can use a larger blade on your saw. However, before you do, ensure that the blade, kerf width and the maximum RPMs that are compatible.

Are Corded circular saws Better Than Cordless Circular Saws?

Although the best cordless circular saw can give you some degree of freedom when working, you may have to keep plugging it in charge it, which may slow you down. Inasmuch as a corded circular saw may limit you, it delivers more power, thus, better performance.


The overall choice in this roundup is the Makita HS7601J/2 in terms of convenience and performance. Since it also comes with a MakPac carry case, you can easily carry it with you anywhere you go. With 5200 RPMs, you can enjoy precise cuts.


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