The 6 Best Router Tables in the UK for 2024

A router table is certainly one of the most versatile and efficient additions you need to make to your workshop, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. This is an important workshop tool designed to give you more control over everything you are working with, plus other substantial routing options. For instance, using a router like the Trend CRT/MK3 will enable you route edge profiles and grooves like a professional.

Best Router Tables UK

This is a roundup of six of the amazing router tables in the UK to help you have a rough idea of what you can look for when you go outer for shopping of the a router table.

Best Router Table UK Review

Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro Router Table

Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro Router Table

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Best Option
Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • It comes with a guard assembly that is fully adjustable.
  • It gives users the chance to maximise its versatility while using it.
  • The laminated MDF table is quite sizeable.
  • It has a removable insert plate.

What stands out?

This ultimately the best option when looking for a router table because it easily suits every possible woodworking and craft needs. It comes packed with many cool features that enable it maximise its usage. You will be glad to know that it is also portable so you can be using it anywhere.

The sizeable MDF table is important for enabling you release the aluminium extrusion quickly. You can do this to using the sliding cheeks to the back fence. Moreover, the aluminium plate with98mm diameter and 6.35mmm thickness that it comes with is removable. The router table also features an adjustable guard assembly and feet to allow you make adjustments depending on your height when you need to do so (like a thicknesser) (like a thicknesser).

There is a 2.4mm and 1.4mm feature that allows for edge planning on the router’s back fence plus cable management clips.

Charnwood W012 Bench Table Top Router Table

Charnwood W012 Bench Table Top Router Table

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Best Tabletop
Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • You can use this palm router table freehand.
  • It has a transparent cutter guard.
  • Includes two vertical hold-down clamps.
  • There is a dirt collection port.

What stands out?

The manufacturers of this router table understand that woodworkers don’t have the same height and size. Therefore, sometimes people can find it very challenging to find a router table that is floor-standing and just the right size for them. That is why they came up with this router table and it is arguably one of the best table top routers.

Working with this bench top router table ensures that you don’t experience back issues because of too much crouching over for long periods. Furthermore, you can use it with any other quarter-inch router table. This is why it is a universal router.

Additionally, the three clamps that come with the router table are vital in helping you hold down your work material in a secure way against the table. It frees up your hands so that you can have a more accurate and controlled cut. This coupled with the Perspex guard ensures that your safety is well taken care of even as you continue making your cuts.

Lumberjack Tools RT1500 Router Table

Lumberjack Tools RT1500 Router Table

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Best Professional
Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • It has a compartments for your tools.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • There is a mitre gauge and guide release feature for safety.
  • Includes a dust collection port for you to use to collect dust.

What stands out?

This is one neat package especially suitable for professional woodworkers. This is because it comes with a 1500W motor that can reach speeds of 26,000RPM. This is an incredibly high speed that can only be handled by professionals to ensure the safety of the handler.

It produces the most precise works, meaning that if you want to achieve the most intricate cuts, this is the router table to go for. You can easily store your tools after a busy day in the two side storage compartments. The compartments also make it easy for you to access other tools just around you.

The bench top router table also features two collects and three feather boards. There is also a No Volt Release (NVR) switch and mitre guard, which work together for the guard assembly. This ensures that you are safe while operating the machine.

FERM Router Table

FERM Router Table

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Rating: 3.8/5.0

  • Has a sturdy aluminium design.
  • Comes with a gauge to use to assist you with precise cutting.
  • Rubber feet for prevention of skidding.
  • It includes a dustproof switch and an adapter for dust port extraction.

What stands out?

This is the best router table if you are looking for something ideal for smaller details. It could be that the wood you often work with don’t include extensive lengths of timber so you are just looking for something that can handle these relatively small pieces. This router table will enable you work with tight grooves and accurate points while helping you achieve precise results.

The best thing about is that there is a mitre gauge that plays a critical role of guiding your work. Furthermore, you need this table because it has a dust port extraction adapter together with the dirt proof switch are important in enabling you keep your workplace clean as you go about your business. You do all these activities on a very sturdy worktop, meaning that you will easily create top-quality designs.

Silverline 460793-DIY Router Table

Silverline 460793-DIY Router Table

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Rating: 3.5/5.0

  • It has twin measurement scales.
  • It has the capability of jointing and rebating.
  • It includes a standard handheld router.
  • It router table is fully functional.

What stands out?

This is a DIY router table, meaning you can assemble them effortlessly. You can use a standard handheld tool to make this assembly. It doesn’t matter your level of expertise because with just some basic skills, you can smoothly shape, plan, rebate, trench, joint and groove your wood. Furthermore, the twin measurements enable you achieve higher levels of accuracy in your cuts.

The non-latching 230V switch box is especially important in controlling the power of the router. There are feather boards, fittings, table extensions, fence and a protractor all designed to not only make your work easier but also accurate. All of these are additional features you need of a fully functional router table.

Pro Router Table Bench

Charnwood Bench Top Planer Thicknesser

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Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • Comes with 4x feather boards.
  • It is sturdy because of the solid steel legs.
  • It has a provision for dust port.
  • There is an insert solution for all handheld routers.

What stands out?

This table bench router is the definition of reliability and versatility and has received a lot of reviews from UK users. The rubber boots on the steel legs are what you need on a table because they ensure that the table does not skid on the floor while you are working on your cuts. Moreover, the steel legs add to the sturdiness of the router table. Therefore, you don’t have to keep worrying if it fits on another desk or worktop.

What really stands out about this table is just how customisable it is. You can easily drill through the plastic to mount it on a router even though the plate is made of very tough plastic. There are also magnets that are vital for holding the base plate in place so that you can easily remove and replace your router as you deem fit. Furthermore, the secure clamps will hold everything in place so that you don’t make any mistakes while working.

Best Router Tables Buying Guide

What is a router table?

Essentially, a router table is a table that has the ability to hold down a handheld router in an upside down position. In this way, the router will be located under the table to ensure that the bit or blade sticks through an opening on made on the bench top. They are designed to keep your hands free so that you can move any material along the worktop towards the bit or blade to be cut or shaped as you please without the need of making use of your hands. Therefore, you will have plentiful options for making your cuts or shapes.

What to Consider when Buying a Router Table?

Since there are many different router tables in the market today, there are a few important factors that you should know to help you with the right decision when purchasing a router table. Here are a few of them.


You need to go for a sturdier table with a stable base when looking for the best router table. This is especially if you want to achieve crisp and clean cuts. A sturdier table ensures that you have consistent contact between your wood and the cutter and push it forward at a fluid rate. If a table is wobbly, you won’t easily accomplish your crisp and clean cuts. Moreover, it is hazardous to work with a router table that doesn’t have a sturdy base. If it were to topple, it can easily cause a lot of damage.


These router tables come in different sizes. In this case, bigger is always better. A router table with a larger surface gives you a larger platform to accommodate larger pieces of wood. Additionally, you will be able to accomplish a huge chunk of your work at one go while giving you enough room to make more accurate cuts.

Dust extraction

You can easily get overwhelmed if you workshop is full of dust and it also poses a health risk to you. Therefore, you should go for a table that can extract dust before it reaches you. This way, you can efficiently remove all the dust. That is why you should always consider buying a router table that comes with an extraction system and dust port. You will not only work in a clean environment but also reduces the burden of cleaning up after a busy day’s work.

Extra features

Once you make up your mind on the best choice in terms of power and the size of the capacity, you should also think about any additional features that will make your work easier and more precise. For instance, you can look for router tables that have a flat surface, a precise fence and other additional accessories like feather boards.


After this review, it is clear that the winner in this roundup is the Trend CRT/MK3 Pro Router Table because is the best versatile option for beginners to professionals because it is easy to use. Furthermore, it has a large MDF surface that is stable enough to withstand the weight of your materials among other cool extra features like a fence and dust extraction. For that reason, it is up to you to make your choice, depending on what suits you.


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