The 6 Best Office Chairs in the UK for 2024

If you are an office worker, you deserve the best office chair, no matter the cost. Having a lousy chair will result in discomfort like back and leg pains. Usually, they cause a distraction while working. Buy an office chair with excellent back support. It also needs to have gas suspension for easy change with a good swivel base.

best office chair uk

Good office chairs should have enough seating depth and width. Also, they should have the right wheels and armrests. Consider your height where if you are short, you deserve a shallow chair. A tall person will need a more bottomless chair.

Best Office Chairs UK Review

Office Hippo Executive Mesh Office Chair

Office Hippo Executive Mesh Office Chair

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Key Features

• Excellent comfort

• Has an ergonomic design

• Has a seat slide mechanism

• Lumbar support

What stands out?

Office Hippo office chairs are capable of supporting up to 150kg. This chair acclimatises your shape when you sit on it.

Besides, its design allows change; thus, you will have comfort sitting on it since you are free to adjust as you wish. Its position gives out excellent support to the spine allowing the pelvis to rest. The Office Hippo also has a slide mechanism to alter depth to best suit the user’s height. The tilt operates together with your hips, ankles, and knees pivot points.

Moreover, this has a brilliant mesh base and back. The mesh allows free penetration of air, thus no overheating. This office hippo chair is the best with a modern graphite finish.

Play haha Desk Chair

Play haha gaming Chair

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Key Features

• Lumbar support

• Excellent rock service

• Comes with quality polyurethane leather

• Free movement

What stands out?

It has change systems where you can adjust the height to suit you since it has a full-height range of 104-114cm. It has a back height of 63cm and a seat height of 46-56cm, thus comfort on the lower back. Its designs offer comfort for long hours in your office, being an ergonomic office chair. It supports your back, maintaining you in an upright posture.

The chair is stable with a superior quality polyurethane leather. This is of dense foam with bounciness covering a surface of 50 X 50 X8cm, thus hard to destroy it. Besides, the headrest has a supple and robust sponge. It conserves the forearms during extended office stay. Its base makes it a 4.3-star due to superior stability supporting 150kg weight.

It has the best value having a 360 degrees swivel and multi-direction wheels. Besides, it offers an excellent rocking service. It can move forth and backwards by knob change below the seat’s allowance. Above all, John Lewis furniture offers you after-service. You get a replacement, or you may earn cashback within 30 days of buy-in case of malfunctioning.

Play haha service offers 12 months warranty.

Office Essential Height Adjustable Desk Chair- Black

Office Essential Height Adjustable Desk Chair

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Key Features

• Easy to adjust and revolve

• Lumbar support

• Ergonomic design

• Floor friendly

• Luxury posture

What stands out?

It has a rotatable and adjustable seat. Its height is enough to give you a luxury position suiting your expectations. Besides, it’s a floor-friendly, meaning that it suits any floor either on hard or with carpet underlay. Its design is versatile and straightforward. You should not doubt the rich experience it will offer to you.

The desk chair is easy to carry. It’s firm with draining stuff, making it suitable for both home office and bedroom. Also, the seat pad is reliable and flexible, thus allows the chair to take your body, making it luxurious. Its lower back has a fabric pad that supports your head to promote perfect body posture.

It has a quality class 4 chrome gas lift making it a 4.3 -star. It has a higher height change trait making it a budget option for you. Moreover, it’s moveable and able to twist up-to 360 degrees. You don’t struggle while attending your desk chores. Being reliable, it capable of supporting a 90kg person.

It comes with a simple homemade guideline. Its area is small with a steady base, thus less space-consuming. It offers a coverage size of seat 43.5 x 38 x 41.5-53cm, back size of 38 x 20.5 resulting in an average height of 73.5-85cm. The base is of quality nylon that makes it sturdy and durable.

SONGMICS Office Chair

SONGMICS Office Swivel Chair

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Key features

• Enough comfort

• Easy to adjust

• Healthy posture

• Durable

What stands out?

The chair has the best extra features for the office chair. It has a soft and comfortable appearance that is easier to clean. Besides, it has superior sponge padding, offering contentment while sitting. It has a contoured seat with a curved backrest. It has an excellent grade polyurethane fabric.

Also, it has a waterfall armrest design. It offers a healthy posture while performing your essential office duties. The chair has change systems that allow you to keep it in your favourite position. Its adjustable down and upwards by 10cm thus, you can set your preferred viewing angle. Besides, the recline pivots adjust between 90-110 degrees.

It’s durable with a dense foam giving you enough comfort. It has a general society of surveillance certificate for stability. The chair comes with after-service customer care. It also has extra screws and wheels for future replacement. Besides, it has silent castors, thus attaining a 4.3-star rating.

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair- Black

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

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Key features

• Luxurious polyurethane leather coat

• Tilt and lock mechanism

• Massage controller

• Supports 113kgs of weight

What stands out?

Cherry chair for offices has a luxurious polyurethane coating. The coat makes it unique and lavish. It easy to adjust the height due to its recline system with tilt and lock it at a specific position. Besides, it has a strong caster with a revolving capacity of 360 degrees.

Its dimensions are outstanding having a seat back of 75 x 53cm, base 55 x 53cm, depth and width of 50 x 50cm.

It has an excellent massage controller with vibrations for comfort massage operation. Besides the massage, levels are different. You can adjust to your preferred intensity level. The chairs have a wired controller that ensures effective massage operation. It also has a flat pack with the most weight of 113kg.

Cherry’s best office chairs have a rating of 4.3-star. It’s the right choice to make being an effective budget option.

DOSLEEPS Chairs for Office

DOSLEEPS Chairs for Office

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Key features

• It’s sturdy and durable

• Has tilt and lock mechanism

• Luxurious

• Ergonomic design

What stands out?

It’s adjustable to your perfect position. It allows free movement either upside on the downside by 10cm to offer comfort. It’s rotatable thus you can swivel it at 360 degrees. Besides, it has a contoured seat with a curved backrest and armrest. They are adjustable to match with your body, thus keeping your back upright.

DOSLEEPS comes with an ergonomic design and adjustable lumbar support. Its armrest has a cloth coat for more comfort and support. Also, it has a tilt and seat height mechanism that is flexible. You can keep it in your position of choice that offers you luxury. The back V-shape makes the best stylish office chair.

DOSLEEPS desk chair has the best aluminium alloy base for office chairs. It makes it more luxurious than you can ever find. Besides, more resistant to rust, so not easy to tear. It withstands up-to 150kg. It has both locking and reclining functions. They make it move at 90-135 degrees and secure it at a position of your luxury.

Moreover, you can adjust the tension of swinging tilt so that it can correspond to your body weight. The chair is easy to carry being small in size and less weight. You can comfortably use it in either the home office or your bedroom. The chairs have after-sale services in case any problem arises. Its incredible features give it the 4.3-star.

Best Office Chair Buying Guide

Lumbar Support

The best ergonomic office chairs should offer excellent support for your back. Any chair without enough lower back support isn’t right for you. It will bring straining of you, and you may end up falling. Look for the one with a change system to keep your body safe.


Look for the best office chair that has change pivots. You will be able to adjust the arms and height for a luxurious experience. Besides, there are more superior chairs for offices with 14 adjustable control parts. The seat height should range from 16-21 inches. It will allow your feet to lie flat on the flow and your arms on the armrest comfortably.


Consider an ergonomic office chair with an appealing fabric. It should have a mesh back to allow the circulation of air to avoid overheating. Besides, the material should offer comfort and enough protection.


It should offer enough armrest for your shoulders and neck. They will help to prevent slouching and allow luxurious working throughout your day. Besides, the armrest needs to be adjustable such that you can tilt them to fit your height and width. Any office chair with armrests has no distraction during your activities since headrests properly.

Seat Depth

The depth and width are crucial for every luxury. So, consider your seat height before making any selection where a tall person needs a deeper one. If you are short, you desire a shallow one. Besides, it deserves to be deeper to allow you to sit your back against the chair. You should leave almost 2-4 inches between the seat and your knees back.

Swivel Base

The best office chair base must allow smooth movement to every corner of your desk. It should have low arm exhaustion and even brainstorming.


Wheels are different, thus consider your Floor. Buy the one that suits your basement floor for smooth movement. If your basement is hard, consider purchasing a soft rubber wheel and if it mild find hard wheels. The wheels should slide and glide smoothly on the Floor with ease.


Q: What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?
A: The Herman Miller Embody Premium Seat is the best. It has a Dyna-matrix seat and backrest increasing the luxury of the chair. Besides, it has excellent support for your back with change nobs to fit your height.

Q: Which is the best office chair to buy?
A: The Herman Miller Embody chair is the best office chair from the house of John Lewis. The stretchy backrest and surface pressure gives you comfort on use. Its supper green with an excellent adjustable seat depth to suit your body size and thighs.

Q: What are the most comfortable office chairs?
A: The Aeron chair occupies 98.6% customer rating as the best with the right style and lumbar support. It made of mesh, thus no overheating while sitting down. Besides, it has a tilt mechanism that offers comfort rotation and adjustments.

Q: Does IKEA have good office chairs?
A: Markus office chair is now the leading IKEA brand. IKEA desk chair is affordable with excellent lumbar support. It’s easy to change the armrest depending on your preference.


Herman Miller Aeron chair has the most magnificent luxury in all the office chairs. Its close runner ups are Steelcase Gesture chair office, and Steelcase leaps chair. They have poor designs in comparison with the Aeron. Aeron chair for office has an excellent support system. It supports up to 150kg weight being 20kg itself.

The Aeron design allows adjustments; thus, you can tilt it, the armrest and height. It will enable exclusive comfort and smooth reclining. Besides, unlike many other chairs, it has a fine mesh back for air circulation. Reread section 3 for more information.


best office chair uk

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