The 9 Best Massage Chairs in the UK 2024

Because of tight schedules or any other unavoidable circumstances, you find it hard to set some time aside to go and get a full body massage. Thanks to technology, you can now get one great body massage from the comfort of your home.

Massage Chair

The best massage chairs like the HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 | Electric Heated Shiatsu Back Massager can deliver incredible performance while letting you enjoy different massage techniques.

However, the challenge is finding the best massage chairs from the flood of massage chairs in the UK market. To make things relatively easier for you, we’ve put together a roundup of the best massage chairs in the UK. Read this review to learn more.


The best massage chairs in the UK at a glance:

  1. HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 | Electric Heated Shiatsu Back Massager
  2. Bramley Power Leather High Back Reclining Chair
  3. HoMedics Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager
  4. HoMedics Shiatsu Max Back & Shoulder Massager
  5. More4Homes Caesar 10-in-1 Winged Reclining Chair
  6. Homcom Luxury Faux leather Chair
  7. Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair
  8. More4Homes Tuscany Bonded Leather Swivel Reclining Massage Chair
  9. SNAILAX Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

The Best Massage Chairs UK Review

HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 | Electric Heated Shiatsu Back Massager

HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 | Electric Heated Shiatsu Back Massager

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Best Overall
Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • Delivers professional massage therapy
  • Adjustable comfort
  • Features secure strapping and heat function
  • Includes Spot Shiatsu

What stands out?

The HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 is the best overall massage chair offering value for money. It has enjoyed several positive reviews on different platforms because of the ideal features it packs.

The most outstanding thing about the massage chair is the shiatsu massage feature. This means that it offers a massage experience much like what you would get from a professional hand massage.

Furthermore, it is an all-round massage chair because of the other features it has. For instance, it includes vibration massage, rolling and trio shiatsu massage that makes it possible for it to relieve different parts of your body because of the heating function and three massage zones.

Another feature that you would probably like is the massage head technogel. The special get is super soft and feels pleasant since it mimics the finger contact of a masseur.

Bramley Power Leather High Back Reclining Chair

Bramley Power Leather High Back Reclining Chair

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Best for Office Use
Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • Includes a tilt/recline lock function.
  • 30 degrees swivel
  • Features 6 powerful motors
  • High back for comfort and support

What stands out?

This luxury bonded faced leather massage chair is an ideal pick if you are looking for a high back office chair. The high back massage seat makes is quite comfortable and offers vital support to you back. The same is also facilitated by the double padding, recline and tilt lock and the gas lift height adjustment.

Also, it is quite easy to operate it because of the 360 degrees swivel function and twin Armrests. You can choose to utilise the easy to use remote control to operate the heat functions or the 6 powerful motors on the cushion massager to help it to massage your buttocks, legs and back as you work.

HoMedics Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager

HoMedics Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager

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Best Value
Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • Includes soothing heat function
  • It has a simple strapping system
  • Features three massage zones
  • Offers Shiatsu massage

What stands out?

If you are looking for the best massage chair to offer you great value, this HoMedics Shiatsu massage chair is good place to start. The shiatsu massage feature is an ideal way of enabling you relax fast while at home without having to go out.

You can also keep using the massage chair to massage your shoulders since it easily recreates the shiatsu massaging technique, utilising the power massager nodes. Therefore, it rejuvenates you and leaves you feeling very relaxed.

The dual, rotating and kneading nodes are uniquely simulate the finger-like motions of a professional therapist. For best results, you can target your lower back or upper back muscles or even a full massage.

HoMedics Shiatsu Max Back and Shoulder Massager

HoMedics Shiatsu Max Back and Shoulder Massager

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  • Improves flexibility
  • Ideal for affordable home therapy
  • Includes multiple non-invasive massage therapies
  • Great for reducing muscle tension

What stands out?

Yet another great HoMedics massage chair for de-stressing, relaxing your full body and simplifying your life. It features 14 programs, which means you have a lot of options to consider. Since it has a remote control, operating it is quite easy.

After a long and stressing day at work, you can use the massage chair to reduce muscle tension or treat any recurring shoulder or back issues. You can enjoy many different non-invasive massage therapies to improve your flexibility offered by the massage chair.

The zero-gravity massage chair can also help you work through your very stiff tendons and muscles because it combines different massage options.

More4Homes Caesar 10-in-1 Winged Recliner Massage Chair

More4Homes Caesar 10-in-1 Winged Recliner Massage Chair

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Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • Ideal reading companion
  • Highly versatile
  • Heat function
  • Choice of recline, swivel or rock

What stands out?

The massage chair is good for relaxing and unwinding after a long day’s work. It is made from super-soft and stylish bonded leather, giving it a comfortable and luxury feel. If you have poor posture, aching limbs or stiff joints, this chair would probably work best for you.

You can use the lever to recline the massage chair and turn on the heat function to keep it warm. Also, it has lumbar support, 360 degrees swivel capability, rocking and 8-point vibration massage to enable you to enjoy unrestricted comfort. You can also use side pockets to store your magazines, remote controls or use the drink holders to hold your cup of tea as you watch TV.

Homcom Luxury Faux Leather Massage Chair

Homcom Luxury Faux Leather Massage Chair

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Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • Highly durable
  • Made with super-soft faux leather
  • Easily adjustable backrest recliner
  • Easy to customise backrest and footrest angle

What stands out?

After a very busy day, head home and have a relaxing evening on the HOMCOM faux leather seat cushion. It offers guaranteed high-quality and efficiency; this is all thanks to the 10 massage points. You can easily activate these massage functions simultaneously or separately.

All the massage points are distributed evenly around the massage chair. For instance, there are 2 at the footstool, 2 at the thighs and 2 on the cushion. All these massage points work to make sure that you have incredible blood circulation. There are also pockets where you can store your magazines or remote control.

Each session on this faux leather massage chair will probably give you a very unique massage experience. Furthermore, the heat function on the heated backrest ensures that you enjoy optimal relaxation. When you feel it’s dirty, you can use a damp sponge to clean it up.

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

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Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • Features 6-point multi-function vibration
  • It’s made of soft PU leather upholstery
  • Includes a wired controller
  • Sturdy casters with 360 degrees swivel

What stands out?

The massage chair is made of very comfortable soft PU leather upholstery plus soft padding for great comfort. You can use the recline or height adjustable function to adjust your sitting position. Also, you can sit back, tilt and lock your chair in position.

It gives you a sense of flexibility because it comes with very sturdy casters and a 360 degrees swivel capability. Moreover, there is a wired controller to control the massage function and it can accommodate up to 113 kgs.

More4Homes Tuscany Bonded Leather Swivel Recliner Massage Chair

More4Homes Tuscany Bonded Leather Swivel Recliner Massage Chair

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Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • High back massage chair
  • Comfortable bonded leather with nice padding
  • Comes with a matching footstool
  • The base design is fitted with wood

What stands out?

The Tuscany Swivel Recliner is a fantastic and very comfortable massage chair, featuring an 8-point massage system. Furthermore, it is made of full hardwearing bonded leather to ensure durability, strength and top quality feel.

It comes with ample back support, a complementing footstool, beautiful wooden base and a very comfortable seating. The modern design makes it fit in any contemporary home setting.

The recliner allows you to recline and comfortably lean back. Also, you can use the ball tensioner under the massage cushion to adjust how far you want to push it back. How much back you want to push it back would be entirely up to you. Also, the 8-point massager would probably work well with your legs, thighs, lower and upper back.

SNAILAX shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

SNAILAX shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

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Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • Adjustable neck massage
  • Includes Shiatsu back massage with heat
  • Offers ultimate comfort
  • It has a detachable intensity control flap

What stands out?

This massaging and relaxation chair is very versatile and it can help you calm your muscles in less than 15 minutes. It has a number of outstanding features that make it good for relaxing different parts of your body.

Behind the chair, four massage knots allow your entire back to get a professional and specialised kind of massage. Additionally, the heat feature is basically meant to improve your relaxation experience on the seat.

You can enjoy massages on different parts of your body like the top or lower back. Half of the knots allow for maximum relaxation of your muscles while the other four nodes on the top side of the chair focus on your shoulders and neck. For the best outcome, you only need to use the chair for about 15 minutes.

Buying Guide

What to Consider when Buying

Some of the key considerations before buying the best massage chair include:

Size and Design

You can find a massage chair that has all the nice features that you are looking for. But the question is, is it the right size for you or your living room? Or does the design favour your décor or functionality?

For instance, if you have neck, shoulder and back issues and your office seat isn’t just cutting it, you can opt for a recliner massage chair for your office desk. You may also choose to buy a seat that can accommodate up to 120kg of weight just in case someone heavier needs to use the seat.

Also, it shouldn’t be too big to make your living room look congested. It would help if you went for an optimal size that may still offer you great space savings while blending in with your home’s design.


A massage chair comes with plenty of moving parts, wiring and computer components. Therefore, things can easily go wrong. Since you will frequently be using your massage chair, you should look for one that is very durable.

Durability can be in terms of resilience and ease of repair. Although getting a very durable massage chair can feel very expensive, it would spare you a lot of headaches in the foreseeable future.


Different massage chairs come with different features that make them more desirable. For instance, if you want to buy a massage chair that targets your pressure points all over your body, you may buy a shiatsu massage chair. These chairs come with features ideal for rolling, swaying and pressing movements.

There are other massage chairs that utilise light intensity kneading kind of movements, while there are those that have zero-gravity to help them to recline to a zero gravity level so that they can offer a massage.

Therefore, the kind of experience you want will be the guiding factor for the features to look for. For instance, if you want foot massage, you can buy a chair with a foot massager. If you feel excessive stress around your shoulders and neck, then you should buy a chair that focuses on relieving pain around those regions.


The price of the chair is among the first things that you should consider. Always consider you budget before making any purchase. It would be best if you didn’t break your bank trying to get the best massaging chair. Always go something within your reach. But if you can spend a little more to get quality, then by all means, go for it. However, don’t compromise on quality trying to save some cash.

Massage Intensity

The massage intensity you need depends on the issues or pain you be may be having. If you have severe neck, shoulders or legs issues, you should go for massage chairs with higher massaging intensity for greater impact in a shorter time.

Iif you want something to just deal with your work fatigue and you need time to relax, then it would only be ideal for you pick one with lower massage intensity for a given time.


Some zero –gravity massage chairs come with a remote control while other massage chairs have wired control. The choice of the control you want is entirely up to you. But for some degree of freedom, the remote-controlled ones could be better.


Before you go ahead and buy your massage chair, ensure that you find out the warranty attached on it and what the warranty covers. However, at the very minimum, ensure that your warranty covers parts and labour.

Another important thing to confirm when it comes to warranty is that it should have at least one-month unconditional cash back guarantee. Some of these things only show their confidence in their products. Also remember to assess their customer care service experience by reading reviews online.


How do Massage Chairs Work?

When you sit on a massage chair and switch it on, the built-in vibration elements start working by pressing against your legs, neck, thighs or shoulders and giving you the sensation of receiving a professional hand massage.

Are massage chairs effective?

Yes. These chairs are good for relieving body pain, tension and helping your muscles loosen up through gentle vibration at the time you need it.

Are massage chairs good for your health?

Yes. You can well utilise these chairs to give yourself some immediate relief. They can also be used to alleviate the physiological side effects of cancer since they help the body get rid of stress and pressure.

Can massage chairs hurt your back?

In the initial stages, the pressure can create small tears on your muscles. Furthermore, if you have a pinched nerve in your spine, a massage chair can easily aggravate the pain or even cause some minor muscular inflammation or soreness.


The clear winner in this review is the HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 | Electric Heated Shiatsu Massager because it’s easy to use, comes with a 2-year limited warranty and other incredible features.


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