What Brand MIG Welder Is Best?

The best brand for MIG welders depends on a number of factors, including your budget and personal preferences, as well as what you need your MIG welder for. In our opinion, the best brand for MIG welders is either Röhr, Sealey or Stanley.

Röhr’s MIG welder is a popular choice from previous customers with plenty being happy with both the product they received and the customer service they experienced. A lot of customers loved how quick the customer service was when they needed assistance, as well as the quality of the MIG welder.

Stanley is a popular brand when it comes to tools, offering premium service along with warranties on their MIG welders. As Stanley is a popular brand that many people know, you can rest assured that any tool that you purchase from them will be of great value and quality.

When in doubt, we always advise opting for a brand that is well-known and established in their market. Stanley is both these things which makes us confident in purchasing from them.

Finally, Sealey’s MIG welder comes with a very impressive warranty of three years, giving you peace of mind that you can enjoy your welder for longer. The longer the warranty, the more trust the manufacturer has in the product.

The fact that Sealey offers a long warranty period of three years gives us the impression that they trust their MIG welder to last at least this long without faltering. For this reason, we had to give them a spot on our best MIG welder brands list.

What is a good cheap MIG welder?

To find a list of good cheap MIG welders, we have created a buyers guide of the Best Budget MIG Welders with the best seven options for you to choose from.

However, we think that the best overall budget MIG welder is the Dirty Pro Tools™ Professional Mig 130. The unit comes with an output that ranges between 50 and 60A, allowing you to weld metals up to 2mm in thickness with ease.

There is an overheat protection light that can help you to prolong the life of your welder by not using it for too long at a time. As you get more used to your welder you won’t need this as much, but it can be a useful tool for beginners in the craft.

The MIG welder from Dirty Pro ToolsTM is professional yet simplistic, ridding you of the trouble from all the bells and whistles that many modern welders come with. More often than not, these just become a nuisance to professional welders.

The Dirty Pro Tools™ Professional Mig 130 also comes with a turbo cooling feature to allow you to use it for longer. You can benefit from the included accessories such as the helmet, earth clamp, clipping hammer, and wire brush.

Another great MIG welder for a low price is the Wolf MIG 140 Welder. This is a combination option that either allows you to use it while being plugged into mains power or simply running on gas.

This welder comes with six power output settings, allowing you to customise your usage depending on what you need it for. You no longer have to use a tool that is too powerful for the task at hand or suffer through the welding process with a welder that is not powerful enough.

The Wolf MIG 140 Welder is also extremely portable at only 32kg, meaning you can use it both in the shop or on the go. This is great for people who like to take their welding abilities on the road and help others who need them.

These are our two favourite cheap MIG welders, but check out our buyers guide if you want a few more high-quality options to choose from.

How much does a good MIG welder cost?

A good budget MIG welder will cost anywhere from £85 to £350, although this will vary greatly on many different factors. The portability of your welder, the power, and the number of features that the MIG welder comes with will all contribute to the varying price.

You can find cheaper MIG welders on the market as low as £50, but choosing a welder any lower than £85 might mean that the welder is not good enough for the jobs you want to use it for. A MIG welder lower than £85 might turn out to be a waste of money, so don’t opt for the cheapest model you can find.

On the other hand, you can find MIG welders on the higher end of the scale ranging up to £1000! As you might expect, these welders will have every feature that you can think of as well as the best welding abilities. However, these are out of budget for many people.


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