How to Dispose of an Electric Toothbrush Easily and Responsibly

As we know, an electric toothbrush can last for about 3 years and there is no need to buy a new one every year. What do you then normally like to do with your old electric toothbrush? If you throw it away, it may end up in the landfill and contaminate the environment. However, if you recycle the electric toothbrush, it is best for both your wallet and the environment.

How to Dispose of an Electric Toothbrush

Of course, you will first need to dismantle your electrical toothbrush and separate the parts before recycling it.

There are many ways for you to properly and responsibly dispose of your old or dead electric toothbrush. You can follow these easy steps below:

Recycle Old Electric Toothbrushes

Recycle Old Electric Toothbrushes

Around 4 out of 10 Americans own an electric toothbrush, yet most of us do not recycle our old ones. If you have an old electric toothbrush, it is best to recycle them instead of chucking them away in the trash.

Separate the Parts of Your Toothbrush

There are four types of materials that typically go into making an electric toothbrush. You have to separate them before recycling your old electric toothbrush. These parts include:

Battery Pack

The battery pack may contain small amounts of nickel, cadmium, lead or lithium batteries which are recyclable. You can take your old battery pack to an e-waste facility or recycling station in your community. Do not break the batteries yourself because they might leak and cause a short circuit.

Electric Motor

The electric motor is made of iron, steel and copper wires that are recyclable materials. It is best to place the electric motor in the bin designated for metal recyclables.

Brush Head

The brush head may contain materials such as nylon, plastic and elastomer that are not biodegradable. You can put them in your recycling bin or trash can.


The handle of an electrical toothbrush is made of plastic and aluminum. You can separate them, put the plastic in a recycling bin and the aluminum in a trash bin.

Find a Place that Accepts Old Electric Toothbrushes for Recycling

recycle electric toothbrushes

Some communities have organized e-waste programs that recycle your old electric toothbrush, batteries and other household electronic waste items such as iPods or cell phones.

If you cannot find a program that accepts your electric toothbrush, bring it to an e-waste facility or recycling station. You can even ask the staff at your nearby Walgreens what they do with old electric toothbrushes. Make sure that you follow their advice on how best to dispose of the parts. If possible, drive your old electric toothbrush to a local recycling center.

Every year, more than 1.6 billion electronic components are sold throughout the world. Because toothbrushes can be powered by batteries, they shouldn’t be thrown away at recycling centers. If the batteries are discarded in general garbage, they may leak or the dangerous chemicals might seep into the ground. Contact your local trash collection company if you’re still uncertain about how to deal with brush heads or other components from old packaging. They’ll be glad to answer all of your questions about what you can do with your old brush head and handles.

Sending your old toothbrush to a recycling center is the most effective way to dispose of it, because that’s where workers can separate batteries from brush heads and handles.

Why should I recycle Electric Toothbrush?

rechargeable battery

Electricity supplies can have a large impact on environmental issues and wildlife. They end up in landfills where dangerous substances can escape battery batteries. You must recycle all of your household items & equipment for the safest environment possible.

In some states, you cannot put old electric toothbrushes in recycling bins as this can lead to problems with battery acid. You must follow your local companies disposal procedures or find a company that will recycle them for you. Not doing so can lead to dangerous environmental problems in your local community.

Electric toothbrushes usually contain nickel-cadmium, lithium ion (lithium cobalt oxide) or nickel metal hydride batteries that need to be recycled properly. This ensures that the batteries do not leak any harmful chemicals into the environment or ground where they might affect the ecosystem.

You can drop off your electric toothbrush at a recycling center for used batteries or you can recycle them yourself by removing the battery from the case and placing it in a plastic bag. You should then place that bag into another plastic bag, twist it closed and throw it away in any trash bin. Some companies have recycling programs for old electric toothbrush batteries, so you can check with them for specific information.

How to Replace the Battery in an Electric Toothbrush Handle

electric toothbrush head

  • Remove the head of your electric toothbrush by pushing down on it and twisting it off counterclockwise.
  • Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the thin slot on top of your handle and twist the handle’s case open. Pull off the two halves of the handle and place them on a towel or cloth so they don’t damage other things in your bathroom.
  • Remove the back casing from inside your toothbrush and place it on a towel. You should see four batteries inside, either stacked at each corner or piled together at one end of the toothbrush.
  • Remove the batteries from the compartment and place them in a plastic bag to prevent leakage or contact with skin. You can now dispose of these by placing them in your recycling bin, taking them to your local e-waste facility or contacting your municipality about where you can take them.
  • Put four new batteries inside the handle and reassemble your toothbrush. Make sure that you push both halves of the handle together tightly to ensure a good connection between each battery.



Electric toothbrushes should be recycled responsibly, not through normal channels like household recycling for paper and plastic items. Check with your local recycling company to see if it accepts batteries from electric toothbrushes. If the answer is no, try contacting your municipality to see if there are companies that will recycle them or if they have a shop where people can drop off items like batteries and electric toothbrushes.

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