How to Descale a Hot Water Dispenser

A modern kitchen is incomplete without a hot water dispenser or a coffee maker. A hot water dispenser can provide us with instant boiling water for making tea, soups and sauces etc. But over a period of time these appliances get clogged by lime scale deposit which reduces its efficiency. Descalers are available in the market to solve this problem. You can also easily descale it on your own with a few simple steps.

How to Descale a Hot Water Dispenser

How to Descale a Hot Water Dispenser:

How to Descale a Hot Water Dispenser

·          First of all, turn off the power supply and make sure that no electrical parts like heating elements inside the machine are turned on

·          Remove any water left in the appliance and take out the tank

·          Soak a towel in vinegar water and place it on the heating element so that it soaks up all the deposited limescale

·          Now sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) around the heating element and switch on the appliance. Let it run for some time so that the bicarbonate sprinkles can dissolve all the limescale deposit

·          Then clean the heating element with a towel dipped in vinegar water and let it dry out completely

·          Now you can refill your appliance with water and switch on the power supply again, you will find your instant hot water dispenser working in a perfect condition.

·          If your appliance is not heating up to the desired level, mix one tablespoon of dishwasher powder with two cups of water and pour it into the tank. Fill it up again with water and run for some time so that the solution can dissolve all the limescale deposit inside the machine

·          Once the water is boiled, make sure to use it only for drinking purpose.

Limescale Effects on a hot water dispenser

Limescale Effects on a hot water dispenser

Hot water dispenser with lime scale buildup have two primary consequences. Although lime scale is not harmful, it may easily damage external materials. If their parts fail, they may combine with your drinking water. Another dangerous consequence is energy inefficiency.

The more water the unit consumes, the more electricity it uses. In other words, you use more energy, resulting in higher power bills. No one wants to get poisoned by a poisonous waste, resulting in a broken or ruined hot water dispenser. The limescale adheres to the components, making it more difficult for the heater to warm the water.

Importance of descaling a hot water dispenser

Even the most basic instant hot water dispenser, which runs on water, can break down as a result of lime scale. It aids in the hard work being done by any amount of excess lime scale within your machine’s internal structure. High temperatures promote the development of hot spots, which can lead to worse injuries if left unchecked.

This places additional stress on the dispenser, making it harder to cook and requiring more power. The good news is that descaling your dispensers isn’t as difficult as you might think. Descaling your computer is a simple technique to save money and eliminate limescale build-up in your water.

Use the right products for descaling

Use the right products for descaling

There are various descaling chemicals on the market in solution form as a powder or tablet. You may acquire one of them from the store by going there and purchasing one. Fill the water tank with clear water and turn on the switch, then wait until the water reaches a boil before pouring it into a cup.

Fill your water tank with 6 rounds of hot water and shampoo as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse the water tank in your bathroom 6 times. After cleaning the water tank, you may continue to use it. The descaler is available as a solution powder, solutions, and tablets and may be purchased online or at local stores.

Hot Water Dispenser Exterior Cleaning

A cleaner rag should be used to clean the outside of your hot water dispenser on a regular basis. If your dispenser is stainless steel, you might apply a special composition to it for a higher shine. It’s essential to keep the user manual handy. The equipment may experience some problems, so it’s a good idea to refer to the manufacturer’s handbook for recommended goods and suggested remedies for returning the appliance to its peak condition.

The tray drip, on some models, can be removed and even washed in the dishwasher to save time and effort. To learn more, see the cleaning supplies manual for how to use the dispenser in a washing machine or paper towels to clean it up. Any stains may be removed using a mixture of mild soap and water.

How often should you descale a hot water dispenser

How often should you descale a hot water dispenser

The descaling of your hot water dispenser takes only a few minutes. If you use it on a regular basis and if the area has a hard water source, you’ll have to descale it more frequently. To determine the hardness of water, contact the firm that supplies the water in your area.

You may also locate other hard water-testing equipment, such as tester bottles, at various shops.

Fill your hot water dispenser with clean water

Fill up our reservoir with fresh water, press the Start button, and wait a few moments. Let it boil before draining the dispenser five times. Make sure you’re using clean water and that the entire dispenser is being washed away to get rid of any residue from the descaling tablet.

It’s also very effective if the dispenser does require a fresh water rinse for an hour. Remember to clean it with clean water to remove any dust left from descaling it.



The best way to keep your hot water dispenser clean is to descale it regularly. Remember to rinse the tank with clean water, because any old liquid left behind can cause problems. If you have a hot water dispenser in a place where hard water is used, you’ll need to run several rounds of boiling water through the machine every day or two to keep it free of limescale.

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