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The 7 Best Pillar Drills in the UK for 2022

A pillar drill is a must-have tool in the workshop, especially for any DIY enthusiast. This tool is especially important for drilling perfect holes in wood, plastic, metal and many other types of materials. One of such tools is the Silverline 262212 Drill. The market is flooded with different types of drill presses ranging from low-end models to professional units coming with improved features designed to enhance performance and safety.

However, identifying the best model to buy may be no easy fete for any hobbyist craftsman. It can be confusing and at the same time time-consuming. That is why we made a roundup of some of the best units out there to help you have an easy time choosing your favourite one.

Products reviewed in this post are:

Best Pillar Drill In The UK Reviews

Silverline 350W DIY Bench Drill Press 230V

Silverline 350W DIY Bench Drill Press 230V

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Best Option
Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • It features a 5 speed belt drive.
  • It has spindle travel of 0-50mm.
  • It has variable speed settings of between 580rpm and 2650rpm.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to operate.

What stands out?

If you are a hobbyist craftsman and you are looking for a drill that will offer you high accuracy, then this is the one. It is the best option to buy for DIY enthusiasts and not the best for professional use. You won’t have a difficult time assembling all the parts and using it as well.

The keyed chuck on the drill goes a long way in boosting the versatility of the drill press. You will have an easy time opening or closing it. Furthermore, it is very compatible with a range of drill bits. This means that you can use it for a range of tasks and materials.

Additionally, you will like the precise control of the depth, angle of entry and hole position. All these traits make this drill very desirable. Not to mention its compatibility with many accessories. Adjusting the drilling depth is easy. All you have to do is limit the chuck’s movement and that will be it.

Dremel 220 Multi-Purpose Workstation

Dremel 220 Multi-Purpose Workstation

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Convertible Option
Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • It includes a tool holder.
  • The crow’s nest feature provides storage for wrenches, drill bits, and other accessories.
  • It has a flex shaft tool stand for telescopic adjustment.
  • Articulating drill to drill holes at any angle.

What stand out?

This is just one of the many rotary tools that Dremel manufactures to go side by side with other tools in the workstation. Just like many other tools, it is top-tier quality and it comes at a very reasonable price. The fact that it comes with a plethora of attachments is what makes it the best convertible option.

The many attachments that come with the drill are vital because they turn this drill from just a simple rotary tool into something else entirely. T can be used either for sanding, drilling, and many other jobs. For instance, it features a flexible shaft stand to enable you to produce more detailed work. You can easily convert it to perform other heavy-duty jobs by purchasing additional attachments.

The chunky metal base makes it weighty thus usable without necessarily mounting it. For a drill of this price, you will have more value for your money.

Axminster Trade Bench Pillar Drill

Axminster Trade Bench Pillar Drill

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Best Professional
Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • It has a highly accurate quill.
  • It is smooth running thanks to the 550W induction motor.
  • It has 12 belt speeds of between 210rpm and 2,580rpm.
  • It includes a rack and pinion system feature.

What stands out?

This is a desirable drill for professional projects. It is robust because it is made from machined steel and cast iron. That is why it is very stable and high in strength to tack any kind of heavy-duty project that you throw at it. If you are considering buying a professional drill, then you will be glad to note that it has a very accurate chuck spindle assembly that runs in NSK ball race bearings.

You will have consistent drilling sessions enable by the quill housing that fits perfectly with the headstock casting. Furthermore, the 550W induction motor with 12 belt speeds makes all these possible.

For safety purposes, its chuck guard is locked electrically and you can easily adjust its height. You can swivel the table assembly to use the base as work support because of the rack and pinion system. That is why this is a very good drill for a discerning home or school workshop.

SwitZer Pillar Press Drill Bench Top Table Stand 500W

SwitZer Pillar Press Drill Bench Top Table Stand 500W

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Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • It comes with a UK standard plug.
  • It is made from high quality cast iron.
  • It has a powerful 500w motor for easy and efficient drilling.
  • It includes an easy to control eye level.

What stands out?

The drill’s column is made of steel to give it rigidity to handle any type of job in the workstation. This is a very important detail that you shouldn’t overlook when looking to purchase any drill. This is because it is vital in defining the precision of your work. In addition to that, it also plays a crucial role in reducing the level of vibrations as you go about drilling. This is also made possible by the powerful 500w motor that will make you have an easy and efficient drilling session.

It also comes with a safety mechanism that ensures that you don’t get hurt because after continuous use, heat is bound to build up and the mechanism prevents it from overheating. It can either be detrimental to your health and that of the drill.

KATSU Tools Mini Bench Drill Press

KATSU Tools Mini Bench Drill Press

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Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • It has a maximum drill capacity of 6mm.
  • It comes with electronic variable speed and variable mechanical speed.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It has rated power of 100W.

What stands out?

This is essentially a step up from a handheld drill. If you are looking for a simple and affordable pillar drill to perform small and medium-sized tasks, then just go for the Katsu 100080. It is the best option for achieving accurate results on repetitive small scale projects.

Its compactness and lightweight nature mean that you can easily store it in your cupboard after use. Furthermore, the maximum drill bit size the chuck accepts is 6.5mm and weighing only 5.3kg. However, don’t let the compactness fool you. It is a very sturdy little drill that can cater to all of your small and medium-sized projects in your home workshop.

Zerone Bench Drill Press, Bench Pillar 550W

Zerone Bench Drill Press, Bench Pillar 550W

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Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • Precise and professional drilling in different
  • The drill’s platform can lift with hand gear.
  • You can make adjustments with the 9 belt speed for different materials.
  • It is an integrated laser bench mounted pillar drill.

What stands out?

Apart from the fact that this is an affordable drill, many other things stand out about it including the adjustable heights. Furthermore, it is made of iron and plastic to help you achieve precision drilling. This is also in part aided by the 550W and 110V motor.

You will also have an easy time swapping out your accessories because of the quick action chuck that can drill up to 16mm. Moreover, there are 9 different degrees of speed varying from 480 to 3000rpm. This means that you can use to drill wood plastic and steel while assured of service life because of the cast-iron structure.

ABEST 3 Speed Mini Drill Press Machine 150W Mini Bench Table Drill

Rating: 4.0/5.0

  • It has a relatively new design.
  • It comes with variable speed control.
  • It can be widely used for a variety of applications.
  • It is safer.

What stands out?

It has 3 variable speeds to help you tackle any small project you may be having in your home workstation. It is an ideal drill for precise hole drilling and it does a better job than a hand drill. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool that will help you deal with the small tasks at home, then this is the option that will serve you best.

Buying Guide for the Best Pillar Drill

Types of pillar drills

There are essentially two types of pillar drills:

  • Work bench drill: This is a type of pillar drill that is used to drill holes through a range of materials
    including metals, wood, and plastic. In most cases, it is bolted to a workbench to make sure that the drill is not pushed over. Furthermore, it is bolted on a workbench so that even large-sized materials can be safely drilled.
  • Floor mount drill: This drill features a long column that stands on the floor. In a general sense, it can do the same job as a workbench drill. The only difference is that this floor mount drill is used to drill larger holes on large-sized materials.

What to look for in a pillar drill

The factors that are important in guiding your purchase decision of a pillar drill are as follows.

Amount of speed needed

The speed of a drill is measured in rpm. This essentially indicates how fast the drill’s chuck can spin while under load. The material you intend to drill should guide you to choose a drill that comes with enough speed to drill through that material. For instance, the rpm for drilling through metal is lesser compared to wood. A good drill should be able to drill through any material with the highest rpm as possible.

Motor power

This is an important aspect to consider while choosing a pillar drill. Always aim for a motor that comes with as much power as your budget can allow. This means that whenever you may want to use maximum power, you will have it already.

Table size and specs

The large table size not only ensures that you eliminate cases of movement while drilling but guaranteeing your safety too. Apart from that, the table should also be made of steel or cast iron to support drilling any type of material regardless of its weight. It also helps in minimising vibrations thus boosting your level of accuracy while drilling.

Speed and depth stop

The speed of the pillar drill makes it easy for you to manage your time. A faster drill enables you to finish your tasks quicker, depending on the material in question and chuck capacity. Such aspects of speed on a drill are why you need drills with depth stops. They help you to control the depth of the holes you drill in your material. Always ensure that the depth stop feature is accurate.

Power consumption

You should always consider choosing a pillar drill that will offer you maximum drilling power but with minimal power consumption. This will help in reducing your power bills. Look for drills that are rated to ensure that you know just how much power the drill can consume to make the necessary bill calculations.


Different models come with different features, often depending on the pricing. Every feature included on a drill has its specific function. Always lookout for any accessories that the drill comes with to enhance performance and durability. Additional accessories offer you more value for money. Accessories could include sanding drums, fences, mortising attachments and planner heads among others.


What is the use of a pillar drill?

A pillar drill is useful in the safe and secure drilling of holes in materials like metal, plastic and wood. The depth gauges allow you to monitor the depth of your holes.

How do pillar drills work?

A pillar drill comes with a motor that generates power that drives the belts, which then causes the chuck to rotate. You can control the speed by using switch settings or a dial. When you insert a drill bit in the chuck then it spins, it can drill a hole when you press the drill bit against a surface. Always use the depth gauge to make sure your hole’s depth is constant and accurate.

How much power can a drill produce?

The amount of power produced by your drill largely depends on the size of your motor. Therefore, the larger your motor, the more the power your drill produces and vice versa. The power is measured in watts.


The overall winner is the Silverline 262212 Drill. This is because it favours every user despite their level of expertise in the workshop. Furthermore, it comes with tons of useful features that you will find to be very easy to use. Therefore, as you go out for shopping, consider everything laid out in this roundup while looking at your budget limitations.


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