The 5 Best Electric Carving Knives in the UK for 2024

Currently, electric carving knives are necessary kitchen tools. Electric carving knife has saw-like blades held in motor-powered handle. The handle moves the blades facilitating easy cleaning and cutting. The carving device makes you slice your foodstuffs perfectly.

best electric carving knives uk

It comes either with batteries or pluggable on the kitchen electric socket. Some come with removable blades to ease the cleaning process. The best knife comes with a storage case and ergonomic handle with a good grip. Consider stainless steel blade since it is durable and doesn’t undergo rusting. For multipurpose knife use, consider the one with a blade kit.

VonShef Electric Knife – Serrated Carving Knife Set

VonShef Electric Knife - Serrated Carving Knife Set

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Rating: 4.5/5.0


  • Ergonomic handle for the effective carving process.
  • It has a storage that allows convenient storage after use.
  • It has a dual safe trigger that prevents accidental triggering.
  • Has multiple blades and dishwasher for efficiency.


  • The knife has a very short power cable, and the motor produces a burning smell.
  • You May require an additional cable for effectiveness.

What stands out?

It comes with interchangeable blades ideal for harsh products like turkey and meat. It’s also perfect in slicing soft foods like bread, fruits, and vegetables. It makes carving easy and efficient by offering smart, appealing slices. Its mortar is so powerful and slices your product with low vibrations and noises. The blades are 16cm long and unrustable.

VonShef 150 electric knife comes with two dishwashers secure stainless-steel blades. The blades are for different tasks. You are free to choose either a heavy-duty or lighter duty blade. Lighter duty knife is made typically for soft items like bread, vegetables, and fruits. The heavy-duty knife handles stable things like raw and ready meat.

These knives come with a dual safety switch that controls accidental triggers for reliability. Besides, these knives are easy to clean and store after using them. During cleaning, place your blades on the dishwasher, which will facilitate efficient cleaning. After you wash them, you should pack the entire set separately in a handy storage case.

Besides, the knife is easy to carry and has afters-sale service with a two years warranty. Vonshef knives have excellent features, thus their 4.5-star rating. The recommendable purchase age is 18years, therefore, not available for underage.

Daewoo SDA Electric With Pulse Setting

Daewoo SDA Electric With Pulse Setting

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Rating: 4.4/5.0


  • Ergonomic, stylish design and safety control system
  • Stainless steel and powerful motor of 180W
  • Has serrated knife blades for elegant carving
  • Ideal for both meat, vegetable, and fruits


  • It’s not cordless and doesn’t fit on the wall.

What stands out?

You need to have a convenient knife for your roasts preparations. Daewoo knife has an excellent motor of 180watts. Its power makes it easier to make your kitchen roast. Daewoo blades are serrated, thus increase the knife strength. The carving process is straightforward and quick, regardless of the foodstuffs. You can carve both hard and soft products.

Daewoo electric knife has stainless blades that are long and durable. Besides, they a rust-resistant, thus an excellent budget option for you. They are also capable of slicing both frozen and cooked meat with ease. Moreover, Daewoo knives have built-in intelligent safety systems. The safety system protects the knife and makes its users safe.

The electric carving knife has an ergonomic design. Its handle is stylish and has a finger-tip trigger to ease in use. It has a long electric lead around one metre, and its cord is an electric powered. The knife blade is the best overall with 17cm long. Besides, the saw-like blades make a stylish carve.

They are easy to assemble, use, and even to clean. It’s light and attains a 4.4-star customer rating. Note, you would be able to purchase this knife if you are below 18years.

Tower Electric Knife with Durable Twin Stainless Blades

Tower Electric Knife with Durable Twin

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Rating: 4.5/5.0



Ergonomic design with safety release blades.
Tasty with both cooked and frozen food.
Its motor is so powerful and comes with twin dishwashers.
You can use it also to cut bread, fruits and vegetables.


Only suitable for flesh meat since it can’t carve through bones.

What stands out?

Tower electric knife is excellent in carving with a powerful motor of 180watts. Meat carving is easy and quick since the wattage is compactable with its size. The blades are capable of slicing hard meat joints effectively. Its efficiency is uncontrollable being able to slice both frozen slabs of meat. Tower electric carving knife is the best overall meat cutter.

Its design is outstanding and elegant with stainless steel blades that are free from rusting. Besides, the blades are detachable. The motor operation is silent with least vibrations throughout carving. Tower electric carving knife also has twin dishwashers. It makes the cleaning process more comfortable.

Moreover, the electric knives come with a safety release switch that makes it safe to operate.

It comes with a 1-year warranty although, upon registration, it extends to two years. The knife is light and easy to carry =is made with a plastic handle. Besides, it can use battery and fuse wire while slicing a foam. However, it will need a coat hanger to shape the pieces. Its features give it a 4.1-star customer rating with an age limit of 18years.

Quest Electric Serrated Carving Knife

Quest 35059 Electric Serrated Carving Knife

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Rating: 3.9/5.0


  • Has a powerful electric motor and safety ON/OFF button
  • Has dishwasher safe stainless-steel blades for easy cleaning
  • The blade is detachable and very strong
  • Its affordable thus budget option for you


  • Has a cord

What stands out?

It is an electric knife with a powerful motor of 120watts that makes carving easy. The knife is long covering 18.5cm length and contains serrated blades. Quest knife comes with a plastic storage pouch that keeps the blades compact. The blades also have a dishwasher safe that helps in cleaning the blade. The knife has two stainless steel blades, and they are removable.

The quest device is capable of gliding all sorts of foodstuffs. They include; bread, meat, vegetables, and fruits. However, during bread slicing place it on its side to breeze it for effective gliding. The knife is so safe to use since it has a blade release button. During cleaning, you need to use the release button to allow the cleaning.

These most resistant knives to rust come with a 1-year warranty. Its handle is easy to hold and use. It corded, and its serrated blades perfect meat and poultry products. Its reliability is increased by the two safety switches on the handle. It not that great in comparison with other electric knives; thus, it’s a 3.9-star rating.

On keen observation of its ergonomic design, the handle is sturdy and easy to hold. Besides, it looks more durable, thus conforming long-time knife usage. The handle offers comfort to your thumb grip while handling the knife. The quest knives have low noise; thus, no disturbance of other persons in your building.

The typical age requirement is 18years and above.

Russel Hobbs Electric Calving Knife

Russel Hobbs Electric Calving Knife

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Rating: 4.2/5.0


Serrated and detachable blades with easy wrap cord storage. They are also replaceable with cutting lengths of 6.5inches.
Luxurious grip handle with the thumb-tip control button, and it’s affordable
The blade is long being 203mm long and has power and release buttons. Besides, it comes with a blade protection sleeve for safety.


Not battery powered and has a cord
Can’t slice frozen meat especially if you buy one blade knife

What stands out?

Russell Hobbs carving knife is diverse in usage. It’s applicable in meat, vegetables, bread, and fruit slicing. The knife’ blade offers smart and standard slices with ease that are acknowledgeable. Russell Hobbs knives have the best extra features on the electric carving knife trend. Its quality and style are outstanding in being ergonomic designs.

The Russel Hobbs delivery box has an electric carving knife, instruction booklet, and guarantee card. You should not worry about how to use it since it comes with usage guidelines. The electric carving knife has a 203mm saw-like blade to slice robust meat joints.

Besides, it has a grip handle and reliable thumb tip control button for easy usage. The blade power button makes it an excellent carving safe tool. Also, during Russell Hobbs knife cleaning, you will use the release button. It will detach the blades from the handle for effective cleaning. The power button is strategically in order, so no fear of accidents.

The motor has a low noise level, thus no distraction of the dinner conversations. It quite affordable with a lot of power hence no stress while slicing. Moreover, Russel Hobbs’s knives come with a wrap cold storage package. The storage is easy and effective in keeping your kitchen neat. Its motor is powerful with 120watts, and the blades are detachable.

The handle is made of plastic thus preventing shocks and violent vibrations to you. However, using straight blades will require a knife sharpener. It will help in sharpening them in-case they go blunt. Besides, the Russell devices come with natural wrap storage cord for keeping them safe. Note, children below 14years old are not allowed to use this carving knife.

It’s a reliable electric carving knife with a 4.2-star customer rating.

Best Electric Carving Knife Buying Guide

Power Source

The power source is a crucial feature of the best electric carving knife. The power source exists in two types. It can either be a corded or battery-powered device. Therefore, it’s upon you to choose that pleases you considering their benefits. The battery-powered are portable with low cutting power. In contrarily, the corded devices are so powerful although immobile.

Besides, some carving knives will come with both power features. However, you also need to consider the cord length and battery life. Having the two will be easy to identify which will work best for you. On battery life, review customer and manufacturer information about it. Understand choosing a weak battery will bring inconveniences while cutting.

About cord powered, the cable should be outstanding and long enough. The very short cord will make it hard to use the device. A prolonged cord is very risky for the safety of others, especially while using it. Therefore, consider a 4feets cable. Your kitchen alignment will contribute most to this.

Blade Material

Consider the blade material of your electric carving knife. Stainless steel is the best in quality and expensive to own. Stainless steel blades are durable and unrustable. However, low quality devices are cheap with poor material like composites and chrome. They will rust and become dull within a short period of use.

So, go for a quality blade, and it will offer enough service to you.

Different Blades for Different foods

The best electric device will come with different blades. So, consider the type of blade while purchasing your tool. Some models will provide blades for bread, meat and others for vegetables. However, mostly the blade provided usually performs well in various foods. Besides, the blade size will also vary on the stuff, thus consider your food needs.

Dishwasher Safe

A good carving knife should have a dishwasher safe to ease cleaning. The dishwasher is generally in connection with the release button.


Q: Are Electric Carving Knives Any Good?
A: Electric carving knives are excellent in all your kitchen carving process. They are easy to use, speedy and offer excellent carves.

Q: Can an Electric Knife Cut Through Frozen Meat?
A: Not every electric knife is capable of slicing frozen meat. If you desire a carving knife for frozen food, review the manufacturer’s recommendations on it. You can also consider Tower electric knife is perfect for frozen food like meat.

Q: Can Electric Knife be Sharpened?
A: Sharpening of an electric knife will depend on its blades. Serrated blades are sharp and stay long. There is no recommendation to sharpen them. However, straight blades require frequent sharpening for productivity.


VonShef 150 electric knife is the best overall. It has the highest customer rating of a 4.5-star due to its excellent features. Its ergonomic design is elegant beside the comfortable handle. Unlike many other electric devices, it comes with multiple blades with dishwashers. User safety is higher, having a dual safe trigger.

Besides, it easy to clean and has a storage case for your blades after use. Section 3 above confirms that it is the best electric carving knife.


best electric carving knife

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