The 8 Best Ceiling Fans in the UK for 2024

Summer is fun, but it can also be excruciating, specifically at night. Instead of using an energy-consuming device to stay cool, it is time to capitalize on the ceiling fan. It is affordable, cheaper, easy to use, and most importantly, it has no impact on your health.

best ceiling fans uk

Finding the best ceiling fan is not always easy, particularly if you have never had one. This guide will help you know the features to look for before buying. Follow these instructions to get all the information you need to find the perfect ceiling fans for your home.

Best Ceiling Fan UK Review

MiniSun White 42″

MiniSun White 42

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Best Overall
Rating: 4.4/5.0

  • Modern fan with four blades (or even a bladeless fan), MiniSun brand, is a three-speed fan in a modern milky finish. It has reversible blades in the beech effect finish
  • Consists of incorporated ceiling lighting kit with an off/on pull switch
  • This fan is ideal for most spaces and has a reversible motor, so it can act as an extractor fan
  • Delivered with the complete product manual and installation guidelines. The speed at medium setting is 155 rpm, at the highest setting, is 210 rpm, and at the lowest setting, it is 95 rpm
  • It also has reversible blades in the beech effect, so you can choose which one suits your decor

What stands out?

If you are looking for excellent quality fan that will serve you in hot and cold conditions, MiniSun is the perfect ceiling fan option for you. It has a rating of 4.4 / 5.

42″ Minisun Ceiling Fan

Minisun Ceiling Fan

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Best Contemporary
Rating: 4.3/5.0

  • This modern 42 “MiniSun brand has a modern brushed nickel fan effect and four reversible edges (chrome/black)
  • It has a fantastic and practical remote which guarantees your comfort
  • This striking fan is furnished with a directional motor (forward and backward) so you can use it in both hot and cold conditions. It is ideal to cool off in summertime and warm up in winter!
  • It also has 3-speed sets that can be accustomed to your requirements, to a maximum of 210 rpm!

What stands out?

Would you like to improve your living space with this fantastic MiniSun ceiling fan? “42 ” MiniSun Metal Design Chrome” is the option for you. It is a wonderful addition to the modern design home. This fan is rated 4.3/5.

Mumeng Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan – Best Contemporary with Light

Mumeng Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan

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Best Contemporary with Light
Rating: 4.3/5.0

  • The ceiling lamp with fan through the remote can change three diverse effects (neutral white 4000k, warm 3000K, and cold white 6000K). Analyzing a book with cold white, watching with neutral, and having romantic air with warm white. You can also switch to the kind of lighting you want from led light to the rest
  • Three different wind speeds can be configured with the smart remote control. Medium, low, and high speeds meet your customization needs. And this light can be configured by remote in 1-4 hours
  • It uses an acrylic screen with great permeability that is hard and resistant to high temperatures and soft and uniform lighting. Twisted iron polish, strong, and clear ABS fan edges, and long service lifespan
  • The fan is great for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc.

What stands out?

Are you looking for a newer ceiling lamp with a fan, a remote-controlled lighted ceiling fan is the perfect ceiling fan for you? It has a rating of 4.3/5.

Westinghouse Turbo Swirl One – Best Traditional with Light

Westinghouse Turbo Swirl One

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Best Traditional with Light
Rating: 4.1/5.0

  • The Turbo Swirl has a titanium polish, irregular vanes in a maple finish with neutral lighting and an integrated lamp with opal white glass
  • The Turbo Swirl has a double mount installation structure. You can install the fan without the supplied extension rod to reduce the space between the bottom of the ceiling fan and the ceiling. This is useful in places with small ceilings
  • Fun can be controlled in summer mode (run it counterclockwise) decreasing energy costs or in winter mode (run it clockwise) thus, reducing heating costs

What stands out?

Are you thinking of adding comfort and informal style to your room? The Turbo Swirl ceiling fan is the choice for you. It is one of the most used and has a rating of 4.1 / 5.

Westinghouse Princess Trio – Best Elegant

Westinghouse Princess Trio

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Best Elegant
Rating: 4.7/5.0

  • Westinghouse Princess Trio is a large polished brass ceiling fan (105 cm)
  •  It is an energy-saving fan with four vanes, a chain switch, and three lamps (with E14 lamps, not included)
  • The fan is appropriate for regular ceiling lights (with attached tie-down straps) and for tall ceilings (please order separately when using longer strip). It is ideal for places with up to 15 square feet
  • The Princess Trio fan has a toggle switch. When the weather is fine in summertime, the ceiling fan runs counterclockwise, in autumn or winter the ceiling fan circulates hot air by turning it clockwise
  • Excellent quality and silent AC motor made of cold-rolled steel guarantees year-round comfort

What stands out?

Are you considering purchasing a stylish and energy-saving ceiling fan? Westinghouse Princess Trio is the product for you. It has a rating of 4.7 / 5.

Westinghouse 5-blade Ceiling Fan – Best Premium

Westinghouse 5-blade Ceiling Fan

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Best Premium
Rating: 4.5/5.0

  • A rich dark polish underlines the sophisticated form of the blades and forms a stagy contrast with the satin chrome propeller
  • The Brendan fan is supplied with a hand-held remote control, with which the fan and lighting are fully functional at the push of a key. You can also change the fan speed without strain
  • This aerodynamic fan has an excellent quality, reliable air circulation, and energy-efficient reversible motor
  • Westinghouse Bendan ceiling fan provides maximum energy savings and comfort with all year-round

What stands out?

Enjoy the outstanding performance and contemporary style of the Brendan 5-blades ceiling fan. It has a rating of 4.5 / 5.

Lighthouse Ceiling Fan with Light – Better Design

Lighthouse Ceiling Fan with Light

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Best Design
Rating: 4.1/5.0

  • It has the Vendtilatore ceiling lamp ideal for ventilation of areas to a maximum of 13 m2
  • It is a remotely controlled 3-speed fan and on/off light kit
  • Chicago is a fan with good economic performance and light. It has 3 adjustable speeds with a consumption of 124 – 176 – 218 revolutions each minute and 15 to 24 – 49 W, depending on the speed and the motor power
  • This summer-winter fan has the characteristic of reversing the path of rotation so that it might also be used by hot air in the base in winter

What stands out?

A well-designed Lorefar ceiling fan, black body, and remotely controlled 3-speed blades. It has a rating of 4.1/5.

Westinghouse Turbo II Ceiling Fan – Best for Kids

Westinghouse Turbo II Ceiling Fan

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Best for Kids
Rating: 4.2/5.0

  • This is the Westinghouse Turbo Swirl II with White Fan Surface
  • Comes complete with 2 groups of 6 vanes: one group of multi-coloured edges and the other group with reversible maple / white blades (both sets are included)
  • It contains an opal glass panel and is changed by the pull chain
  • An almost silent, high-quality AC motor made from cold-rolled steel guarantees year-round comfort: a cool, pleasant climate in summer and optimal heat distribution in winter
  • This fan may be equipped with a wall switch or remote control (is separately ordered). We recommend using this fan in rooms of a maximum of 12 square feet

What stands out?

Do you want to make your child happy by installing bedroom ceiling fans? Westinghouse Turbo Swirl II is the best choice. This product has a rating of 4.2/5.

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Today’s ceiling fans UK are one step ahead of their ancestors. It benefits from more strong materials, better motors, more attractive surfaces, number of blades, and in-built controls. You may choose form measurements, type and CFM scores. Here is information on what to consider when purchasing ceiling fan UK:


The primary thing to think through when deciding on the size of the ceiling fan is the room size you plan to install it. The number of square feet in a room determines how large the ceiling fan must be since a fan that is excessively small or large for a room does not allow air to circulate properly.

In case you do not know, you can take the measurements of the ceiling fan by determining the diameter of the blades or the distance from the tip of one blade versus the other. If the fan has an odd number of edges, measure from the top of the single blade to the centre and double that number to get the correct measurement.

As soon as you know how big the ceiling fan is, make sure you measure your room area. Dependent on the outline of the room, two smaller fans is applicable in larger rooms. When determining the ceiling fan for the area of your room, you need a minimum clearance of 18-24 square feet on every side of the fan.


Originally designed to circulate the air and cool a chamber, today’s ceiling fans may also reflect the style of a room. The ceiling fans are obtainable in many designs, comprising outdoor versions with different functions, standard and small ceilings. When purchasing one consider these three types when purchasing one.

Traditional: By equipping a room with traditional furniture and decorations, traditional fans often set decorative accents.

Direction: Blade pitch is an important aspect to consider. For instance, the fans can be rotated at a certain blade pitch or angle to ventilate a specific area instead of a hanging fan model to ventilate a whole room.

Contemporary: Clear outlines and a monochrome colour scheme represent fans in a modern style that blends well with industrial decor.

CFM (cubic feet per minute)

Each fan is measured based on the amount of air it can generate. The best fans can create enough airflow to provide comfort, but not enough to make you feel like you are in a tornado or hurricane. The fan’s airflow is calculated in CFM. The greater the CFM, the higher the air movement. The fan motor also plays a big role.

When purchasing fans, consider the room size for which you are purchasing the fan. You should avoid having more fans than you require for a small room, or you do not have enough fans for a bigger area.

Airflow is the direct result of various fan characteristics, including fan rate per minute (RPM) and fans pitch, or the degree of the fan tilts to create a circular air movement.


Q: How many blades are best for the ceiling fan?
Three blades are mainly standard since they give good aerodynamics. However, this configuration can create wind protection on various models, such as the low-key fans. Five blades are better in such cases.

Q: What is a good RPM for the ceiling fan?
A: The ceiling fan rate per minute indicates the revolutions the blades perform per minute. The greater the revolutions, the more the speed. Good RPM means higher speed and greater revolutions since it has a high-quality motor.

Q: What should I look for in ceiling fans with lights UK?
A: Consider if the lighting is efficient, durable and uses energy. Check if it is energy efficient. Also consider the forms of lighting available, comprising fluorescent, incandescent, and LED lighting selections.

Q: What are the best types of ceiling fans?
A: There are several types of ceiling fans, each of which is ideal for your home. These are some of the most common categories:

Standard Ceiling Fan

similarly recognized as a traditional fan. They are perhaps top sellers and come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. They have five rotating blades and light. They have a high power motor.

Low Profile Fans

These are often known as Hugger fans. They are attached directly to a bracket to install them on the ceiling. The low profile propellers are designed for rooms with small ceilings. Since they are close to the roof, the blades can remain above the floor in the suggested position (seven feet). The power motor for this type is average.

Low Power Ceiling Fans

These ceiling fans are equipped with a power motor that reduces energy consumption and is up to 20 percent more energy-efficient than standard fans. They can be used in low or high ceilings.


You need the ultimate ceiling fans – they are a great addition to a room after all, and they serve an exceptional purpose, however which one? Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan with Lighting is the best of them all. It has the lighting condition, it is a contemporary design, has a high rpm, and easy to use.


best ceiling fans uk

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