The 5 Best Carpet Cleaners in the UK for 2024

Choosing the best carpet cleaner UK may be troublesome. You ought to understand what to look for in cleaners. What technology a machine is using, does it act as all in one cleaner? It should have car upholstery carpet cleaners—also, a friendly bathroom suction tools and doubling up as rug doctor.

Best Carpet Cleaner UK

Best Carpet Cleaner UK Review

Vax Dual Power Carpet Cleaner

Vax Dual Power Carpet Cleaner

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Best Overall
Rating: 4.3/5.0

• Lightweight and 1-year warranty.

• Two dual tank technology.

• Double revolving brush bars elate that scrubs all dust and smudges from your carpet.

• Narrow floor head reaching all the obstinate areas in the room.

What stands out?

Vax carpet cleaner is best overall in bringing back dirty carpets. These cleaners are easy to use and very light that anyone can operate. They come with two rotating brushes bar lifts that scrubs and removes all the tough smudges. You don’t have to worry about stubborn marks on the carpet fibres, get these cleaners to brighten dull carpet and underlay.

Besides, the tank system is impressive with twin tanks for dirty and clean water. The separate tanks technology ensure clean water doesn’t mix with unclean water. Also, these tanks are easy to clean, providing high levels of hygiene. You can use the tank screw cup to measure the solution to have the correct concentration. The tanks volume is well accumulating.

Also, filling and emptying this tank is easy minimising time wastage during the washing operation. However, it more compactable having hose and wash tools. Thus the convenient movement of carpet cleaner to different rooms and stairs. The floor head is very narrow; thus manoeuvring with furniture is comfortable, ensuring no smudges left behind.

Get any shampoo and clean since they all have the same washing quality. However, ensure you don’t leave any residue behind while cleaning. It may end accumulating dust and smudges and even causing allergic conditions like asthma. The tank capacity is 2.7 litres, 6Kgs weight and a customer rating of 4.3 stars.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner

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Best Premium
Rating: 4.6/5.0

• Heatwave technology. It maintains water at a constant temperature in the entire carpet cleaning.

• Double drift hoist power brushes during the cleaning exercise. They help in loosening and removing stains from the carpets.

• It comes with an express clean mode that facilitates easy and faster cleaning. It dries faster within one hour.

• It’s light and small in size for effective maneuvering within the furniture.

• Comes with a deep clean mode that offers sturdy cleaning.

What stands out?

The Bissell ProHeat 2X cleaner is easy to carry and powerful, offering exceptional cleaning. Besides, it is a low profile foot allowing it to clean beneath furniture easily. The 12 lifter power brushes stubborn stains in carpet fibres loosening them.

These best carpet cleaners are suitable for shampoo washing and have user guides to direct you well. Get on the express clean mode; it will dry up within 1hour due to its powerful suction.

Also, it has a heater that heats the cleaning water to facilitate helpful washing. Besides, it capable of maintaining water at specific temperatures during the wash.

Also, it comes with a 2-in-1 tank system, thus no mixing of clean and unclean water. If you wish to clean stairs, pet beds and upholstery get the 7ft hose and spot cleaning tools. The tools are for rough stains that require extra scrubbing. Besides, its tank is large, holding 3.7 litres of water and easy to clean by removal of the interior tanks.

It’s the best carpet cleaner, affordable; hence you don’t need to keep on renting carpet cleaners. Instead, get one and start leasing to your neighbours. Its suitability makes it get a customer rating of 4.6 stars with a weight of 8kgs.

Russell Hobbs Carpet Cleaner

Russell Hobbs Carpet Cleaner

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Best Budget
Rating: 4.1/5.0

• Has lightweight carpet cleaner weighing less than 6kgs.

• Has a large tank capacity holding 1.8litres of clean water and 1.75litres of unclean  water.

• It’s the best overall rug doctor and refreshing dirty carpet in Uk.

• Withstand 500ml cleaning mixture from Alpine fresh.

• Has a visible cleaning making it easy to see any dust or smudges on the carpets.

What stands out?

The carpet cleaner is portable weighing less than 6kgs thus you can suitably perform your cleaning. Its has a long power cord of 8metres that allows washing without interchanging of sockets. The process is straightforward, where you should fill the tank with warm water. You then get the carpet cleaning mixture and get the machine ready for washing.

Russell Hobbs Carpet Cleaner has clean and refreshes features having a 24cm full jet. The jet sprays the cleaning liquid with pressure allowing it to penetrate on the carpet deeply. Besides, it has a bristle brush that you will get to use while stirring the carpets removing stubborn stains. After cleaning, the dirt water vacuums up the collection tank.

Connecting the carpet cleaner parts is very simple. Get guidelines on the purchase box and cross-head screwdrivers to attach the handle to the main body. After, connecting fill the tank with pure water and get the plug-in a socket. Begin your washing process, and after filling the dirt, the tank empties it in a sink.

Its price is affordable and has a customer rating of 4.1 stars. It’s available in two colours, black and white. Russell Hobbs cleaners are the best carpet cleaners with excellent stain removal.

Vax Rapid Power Revise Carpet Washer

Vax Rapid Power Revise Carpet Washer

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Rating: 4.5/5.0

• It’s clean all part of your carpet without leaving any part since its and edge to edge cleaner.

• It comes with an upholstery crevice tool and wash tool.

• The cleaning tank capacity is enormous, allowing a deep clean without any need of refilling.

• It’s suitable for car seats, stairs and upholstery.

• It has a vacuum suction for drying which takes an hour to dry your chair after cleaning.

What stands out?

Vax rapid power revive carpet washer is for deep washing of your carpet. After cleaning your carpet will take less than an hour to dry completely. The faster drying is due to patented spin scrub brushes rotating in diverse directions. The rotation will get the carpet pile up, allowing the removal of any hidden stains.

Besides, the edge to edge brush bars ensures regular cleaning on each corner of the carpet.

Also, it has a large tank that accumulates large volumes of 4.7litres, giving you a chance to clean wholly. This carpet cleaner uses an auto mix cleaning system. The system ensures the measuring of reagents accordingly. Thus you will get the right mix.

The hose and wash tools allow washing coverage of 10.5m. These tools put vax carpet cleaners in the top list of the reliable washers.

Due to its perfect features and price, it attains a customers rating of 4.6 stars. It comes with 2years warranty and a weight of 11.4 kg. Ensure you get vax solution while using vax carpet washer for a fresh smelling and clean carpet.

Vax OnePWR SportlessGo Cordless

Vax OnePWR SportlessGo Cordless

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Rating: 4.0/5.0

• Has ergonomic cordless design with a fade-free ONEPW battery. The battery offers a significant performance with a fast-charging system.

• Very light with 3.2kg weight thus easy to move it and store.

• Comes in with the newest fade-free lithium-ion technology for easy grabbing and moving.

• Has active inbuilt jet spray with compact brushes that help in scrubbing stains. Besides, it also capable of pull away bacteria and dust.

• Also, it has an elastic hose and a variety of connections for many surfaces. It is perfect in car, home and motorhome.

What stands out?

The vax Sporless Go cleaner is an appropriate device that you should get in your home. It’s excellent in cleaning both children and pets mess. The washer is cordless spot washer that you can freely move within your home wherever you wish. Get the perfect carpet cleaners at a fair price.

Vax carpet cleaning is applicable in caravans, houses, and hard floors. Also, in cars and powerful anti-bacterial agent. It eliminates 99% of bacterial content in your carpet, thus maintaining high hygiene. The portable device is light having 3.2kgs weight and an elastic hose.

Its design is ergonomic thus easy storage besides its comfortable handle. Moreover, get a powerful jet spray that will help in directing the water solution to stick stain. Besides, the jet spray has brushes that agitate the carpet and remove all bacteria and dirt.

It’s a multi-purpose carpet cleaner that removes all embedded stain on your carpets—thus retaining their new condition. Besides, it has a pet attachment tool that removes all the pet hairs from your upholstery. On addition is the squeegee tool that perfects shower screens and windows. It has the best extra features that you can’t imagine all coming together at once.

The multi-purpose of the carpet cleaner also comes with the newest fade-free lithium-ion technology. The charging system is long taking 90minutes to complete a single charge. One charge takes 15minutes on cleaning. Its quit enough time to remove all carpet stain. It has a 2Ah battery making it an excellent vacuum cleaner. It has a customer rating of 4 stars.

Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

Before making any buy, get these vital features in mind;

Cleaner Efficiency

While choosing the best carpet cleaner, you should understand first how they work.

Besides, the cleaners will differ depending on the schedule of work. Is it a commercial or household cleaner? The quality and efficiency differ from each carpet cleaner type. Some are for hard floors, upholstery washing and others for both purposes. For the hard floor, they don’t collect trash.

Besides, the cleaners should have a fissure tool and dry vacuuming. The two works together to facilitate debris collection, cleaning of tight and narrow corners. Moreover, it should also come with a faster drying mode. It helps in doing light cleaning and quick-drying like one hour for regular washing.

The device uses sturdy brush heads and a specially made washing mixtures. They are in place to ensure they lift the carpet pile, remove stain, and restore it for a perfect look. However, the heater is critical to increasing the washing effectiveness. It keeps the cleaning solution warm.

Usability and Performance

The frequency and efficiency of washing a carpet will depend on the carpet type. Besides, a busy household needs regular washing. The rug doctor doesn’t display any dirt, thus go for the best. Get the manufacture instructions before making a purchase.

During carpet cleaning, first, make a cleaning solution that has water and detergent. Secondly, spray the carpet and allow it to soak for 15minutes. Then you pull the trigger and spray the cleaning solution on your best carpet. It should be under a high mechanical vacuum. Scrub using brushes to lose the dirt. After washing, apply a vacuum cleaner to lift the carpet to its original state.

Clean and dirty water tank size

The carpet cleaner has a clean container for holding cleaning solution and water. It also has a dirty water tank that accumulates dirt during the washing process. These tanks come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Therefore, choose according to your preference.


Q: How often should you clean a carpet?

A: You should clean it once per year or after every six months.

Q: Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

A: Steam washing removes all the dirt and sanitises the carpet with faster drying. However, shampooing takes long to dry. There is a high risk of re-soiling if shampoo residue remains.

Q: Does shampooing ruin carpets?

A: It does if you get excess shampoo on it and fail to clean it all before drying. The dry residue makes it accumulates more stain.


The best carpet cleaner in this review is BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolving carpet cleaner Uk. The second runner is Vax Rapid Revive Carpet cleaner. Besides, they have the most outstanding features contributing to an equal customer rating.

However, Bissell cleaner is much better than any other. The washer comes in two modes where you can make a choice. The first mode is the express clean mode where the carpet dries within 1 hour. Secondly, is the deep, pure mode where you use protect pro washing detergent. The detergent concentration depends on the carpet colour.

Besides, it has a long hose and clean tools for cleaning hard reachable areas quickly. However, get more informational features on section 3 and know more about this rug doctor.


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