Help Your Shelf

Surreal Home, a leading brand in the home decor industry, has acquired the website. This acquisition took place on April 22nd, 2020.

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Help Your Shelf History

Initially it was a shared love of illustration, pattern and print that led Jewellery Designer Katy Hackney and Costume Designer Jane Petrie to open Shelf in 2001.

Over time, no matter how hard they tried to shape it, Shelf took on an identity of its own.

Many of the wonderful things they had liked and planned to sell were left by the wayside as the shop decided for itself which goods were to come and go from the shelves.

Collaborations with other artists, hunting trips to foreign lands and vintage finds in the unlikeliest of places have all contributed to the Shelf collection and continue to do so as the shop changes and evolves. Nowadays artists, illustrators and makers often find Shelf before Shelf finds them, it’s always a pleasure to have someone visit to show their work and for it to immediately seem right for the collection.

Nervous that the feeling of being inside the shop could be lost, along with a deep awareness of their own lack of time for expanding into new projects, Katy and Jane have, despite being very early adopters of modern technology, been reluctant until now to put the Shelf collection online.

We hope that the spirit of the actual shop has transmitted onto this virtual one and your visit here will be every bit as inspiring as a visit to Cheshire Street.